Tan Bathing Suit

I wish I can wear a bathing suit or a bikini every day. They’re so comfortable and for some reason, immediately makes me feel super relaxed. I love this bathing suit so much that it wasn’t until it shipped to my home that I realized that its the exact same bathing suit I wore for my birthday last year.

One of my good friends, Laneesha Ford is the founder of Cali Swim. When she decided to name a bathing suit after me, I knew I had to have it. So I purchased it and wore it for my birthday with a fabulous pink cover-up from her shop. Here we are, almost a year later and I bought the same exact bathing suit in a different color from Matte Swim.

Ending up with the same bathing suit from 2 different brands made me realize just how much I really love this bathing suit.

I wore this tan Matte Swim bathing suit with a kaftan. I couldn’t find the perfect cover-up in stores in such short notice so I cut a kaftan down the middle and wore it as a cover-up.


Have you gotten the chance to get away lately, spent the day at the beach or enjoyed a staycation?

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