6 Values I’m Keeping at 28

I celebrated my birthday while soaking in some sun in a Cali Swim bathing suit and cover up. This was by far the most relaxing birthday I’ve ever had. For the past 6 years, my 22nd birthday has felt like the best birthday ever (it was the never ending birthday filled with so many celebrations). Every birthday after that couldn’t compare as the pressure (that I put on myself) to exceed that birthday kept me from truly doing the most!

This birthday consisted of some healing and reflection. Without further ado, here are 6 values I’m keeping at 28.

  1. Knowing my self-worth

Having a high self-esteem was instilled in me at a very young age. I was blessed with a mum who wouldn’t let me hate myself or have negative thoughts. Speaking my feelings was always encouraged and even till this day, my mum still tells me she’s available to talk about anything.

2. Saying No/Walking Away from the things that no longer serve me.

Loose ends don’t serve me and neither does anything that I foresee being a waste of my time. I like to consider myself the Queen of saying no and/or walking away from people/things. I think I’ve been able to easily do so because of my self-esteem. Knowing my self-worth has really helped me maneuver through life.

3.Being of Service to The World

In one way or another, I’m always going to make sure I utilize the gifts God gave me to help those who can’t help themselves.


I’m not the most patient person. This is actually something that I’m working on but I’m glad that I’ve become even more patient over the years.


This is a tough one for me because 22 year old Oyinkan had no clue what compassion was. Now I’m living, breathing, being this compassionate person that I never thought I would be.


This is the most important value that I have. Having a strong-will has greatly helped me make so many decisions in life. My strong-will derives from knowing my self-worth and I’m able to walk away from time-wasters immediately because of it. This asset has helped me gain a bit more patience with the understanding that great things come with time.

As I turned 28, nothing was more relaxing than letting go of my worries and just being in the moment.

I originally wanted to share 8 things I’ve learned at 28 but I think I prefer diving into learned lessons at 30 (stay tuned, so excited that 30 is just 2 years away).

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