Stepping Out | Purple Ruffle Dress

I haven’t been going out much but I had to step out and celebrate JDot’s birthday. I threw on a purple ruffle dress from Zara and accessorized it with the Befitting Style Linked Earrings from the Link Up Collection. It’s the latest collection from Befitting Style and I’m so excited about it! It’s one of my favorites so far as the antique gold-tone always draws me.

Nothing like celebrating the gift of life with good people and having my best friend, Marllory by my side was special treat as she always prefers staying home and minding her business.

The holiday season calls for jewel tones. Although I’m not one to let seasons influence the colors I choose to wear, it’s just so hard to resist wearing jewel tones during this time of the year.

I paired the dress with Schutz metallic pink shoes as well as a pink Brandon Blackwood ESR bag.

I’ve been keeping to myself a lot lately but I’m so glad that I chose to step out. Being around happy people is always refreshing.

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