DIY Crochet Jacket – Brown

I’ve been creating Crochet Jackets for a few years. It started off as a design that I challenged myself to create because to my knowledge, these crochet jackets only existed in my brain. Over the years, I’ve created this crochet jacket in several colors. Although I started creating these jackets a few years ago, it’s always fun to work on a new color. I was recently inspired by my auburn box braids to create a brown one.

Crocheting is my favorite pastime. Once I begin creating, I have to see it through. Finishing it becomes so high on my priorities that I become engulfed in it.

I accessorized this look with the Linked Tassel Earrings from the Befitting Style Link Up Collection.

It’s absolutely one of my favorites. I love the way I compliment my skin tone and my hair.

Because I’m a mini crossbody queen, everything doesn’t always fit in my bag. The best part about this one is that it features inner pockets where my phone can fit and my credit/debit cards can fit as well. Keeping me hands-free as I walk through the halls of Targét (you know I love Targét).

The best part is every time I crochet a jacket, it gets better and better as I create new techniques to be faster and more efficient which makes each jacket even more precise so I enjoy that I teach myself something new while creating the same design every time.

I strutted down the street in metallic peach mules that I can’t wait to over-wear throughout spring/summer.

Do you wear crocheted outerwear?

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  1. Comfort ayoade

    This crochet jacket is gorgeous, beautiful and wearable. Hun whao, this must be a time consuming for you. It’s elongation accentuate your height……..just love it. God bless you Oyin.

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