Monochroming in Blue

I’ve been monochroming a lot lately simply because its easy peezy lemon squeezy lol. I’m also trying to challenge myself to see how much longer I can monochrome. I find that my default is to mix things up so its always fun to do something a little different. For this day of monochroming, I opted for a blue high waist pant and a printed blue top with matching blue sunnies ofcourse.

I’ve loved these pants for years because they fit so great! My only issue is that it gets loose throughout the day. I’m not even sure why that happens sometimes but thats the only thing that bothers me about it.

The Befitting Style Dashing Earrings is the perfect pick for this look. Cool tones always pair well with grey tassels.

An easy tie up button down top is a great go-to for any of my girls in the office because you can wear it lower during the day then tie it up for happy hour afterwards.

My only wish about these Bebe heels is that they were more comfortable. It pairs so well with many of my looks but it hurts so bad. Many times, I stray away from wearing it but not this time.

Have you been monochroming lately or choosing to mix things up?

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