My First Brandon Blackwood Bag – Green ESR

If I bought 4 Brandon Blackwood ESR bags during my first order, is it fair to call this post my first? Let’s just say this is 1 of 4. As I expand my black-owned handbag collection, its only right that I treat myself to a few Brandon Blackwood bags.

Take a look at my full review of all the Brandon Blackwood bags that I purchased in the video below.

I was introduced to the Brooklyn-based brand on Instagram. It was during the time that there was a bit of outrage on the internet about the influx of black women strutting in Birkins (as if it were an issue for black women to own an Hermés bag). When I saw the Instagram ad, all I saw was a black man representing his handbag collection and what seemed like he was making his dreams come true so I had to support the brand.

Within the few months that I’ve known of this brand, he’s grown immensely! With stars such as Saweetie, Lala Anthony, Doja Kat, Christina Milian, Winnie Harlow, and many more.

I paired this look with the Befitting Style Dashing Earrings.

The ESR bag is beyond a statement piece as it stands for End Systemic Racism. I love when fashion speaks loud about the injustice in this world.

I actually forgot that I ordered this luscious green bag so it was such a surprise when I unboxed it and I immediately knew I had to pair it with a green button-down top and pair it with white shorts. These shorts are an oldie but goodie from my college days when I would frequent at Joe Fresh several times a week.

Keeping it comfy, I went with a pair of Vince Camuto mules.

I’m sooo proud of Brandon Blackwood and I can’t wait to shop his summer collection.

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