Fenty Skin Review

I was so excited to review Fenty Skin that I made sure I got early access to purchase it. I’m typically not into skincare because I’ve always been scared to experiment with my skin. Keeping it minimal (cleanse & moisturize with shea butter) has always worked for me and I really don’t get breakouts so I have a fear of skincare products messing up my skin. Some may think that’s weird because I love to play in makeup but I hold skincare in a higher regard and I’m more comfortable with makeup. I wanted to dabble with a new cleanser and I figured I might as well try the entire Fenty Skin Starter Bundle and use toner & facial moisturizer for the first time.

Without further ado, here is the full Fenty Skin first impression review.

Fenty Skin Starter Kit: Total Cleanser, Fat Water Toner Serum, Moisturizer

Have you tried Fenty Skin?

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