20 Black Creators To Follow

Speaking about black creators to follow is probably my favorite out of my black owned series! This list includes creators that I’ve loved and supported for many years as well as some that I found just a couple of years ago.

While supporting black creators and building the black economy, please also support the organizations fighting inequality by checking out this national resource list that also includes petitions as well as legal services for protesters. An easy and free way to contribute is by searching “Black Lives Matter Donate Playlist” on YouTube. Simply let the 24/7 live video play throughout the day and the money made from the ads will be donated to Black Lives Matter, NAACP, and/or other organizations fighting inequality.

If you’d like to hear me chat about these creative beings, take a peek at the video below.


If you want brutally honest beauty reviews, then you might as well follow Shanygne aka Too Much Mouth. She gives her real honest thoughts about beauty products, tells stories about her experiences as an influencer. Her Downfall series is my favorite on her Youtube channel as she discusses why some beauty and fashion companies fell off.

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… do I actually miss outdoors? The homebody in me cant process this feeling

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Yet another YouTuber that keeps it real! Ti of Nappy Headed Jojoba speaks of her fave and non-fave beauty products. She also speaks on the injustice in America and blatantly calls out racist people from politicians to the beauty industry.


Tasha K provides commentary on hot topics in such an entertaining way! If you miss watching Wendy Williams on Fox, you can definitely get your fix from Tasha K’s YouTube channel! Her multiple weekly live streams garner about 10,000 viewers on average.


What I love most about Alyssa Ashley’s content is her amazing editing. I found her channel when she had about 500k subscribers and its beautiful to see her flourishing with about 2 million subscribers. Alissa’s instagram photos are refreshing to see as her passion for photography is evident in her perfectly produced images.


I’ve been subscribed to Anthony O’Neal’s YouTube channel for a couple of months. It feels incredible to see a black man provide financial resources for those who want to be out of debt and financially free. If you’re just searching for motivation, his videos also provides that too.


I’ve been watching Jackie Aina’s YouTube channel since my undergrad years. I stumbled upon her channel when she had just a few hundred thousand subscribers and I immediately loved her content because her big personality is super relatable (I love that she’s just as “extra” as I am). Jackie currently has a few million subscribers and its very well deserved! She has entertained us consistently and spoke out about lack of diversity in the beauty industry years ago when it wasn’t “cool” to do so.


Yet another creator that I’ve been watching since college! Although Patricia Bright creates fashion and beauty videos, what I love most about her is that shes a numbers girl. With a background in accounting, she enjoys speaking about budgeting. Her other channel, The Break is so resourceful as it provides information about everything finance from investing to buying a home and everything in between.


Shayla creates beauty content with a sprinkle of fitness as she shares her keto journey as well as her workouts.


I discovered this hilarious woman on Youtube. I love watching (more like playing in the background while I do stuff) long videos so when her video of her instagram live popped on my YouTube homepage, I had to click on her. Her personality immediately made me stay the entire hour. If you’re every looking for a laugh, definitely check out Jessie Woo!


Yet another veteran killing it in the beauty community. Missy Lynn previously worked as a makeup artist and she collaborated with BH Cosmetics about 4 years ago to create an eyeshadow palette and lipsticks. I’ve been watching Missy Lynn for at least 6 years on YouTube and she’s consistently presented herself to be kind and compassionate to those around her as well as to her supporters.

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I don’t think I’ve worn color in a minuteeeee! But I Lowkey miss the days where I would play in makeup for hours, film videos, then go walk around Walmart or the mall.. because SOMEBODY was going to see this beat! ? & I wasn’t wasting my dang products for nothing! Now… it’s either let the product go to waste or let the product expire! ? Maybe I’ll knock out some tutorials real soon! What’s your favorite color to use when doing your eyeshadow? What’s a color you’re afraid of wearing? ? There’s a tutorial for this look on my YT page as well. ? all products listed there link in bio • • • • #throwbackthursday #tbt #missylynn #slave2beauty #dallasinfluencer #dallasblogger #makeupjunkie #igexplorer #wakeup2makeup #instamakeup #trendmood #makeupoftheday #makeupmafia #underratedmuas #instabeauty #makeupinspo #makeuptutorials

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It feels like Lovely Ti has been on YouTube for centuries! She’s one of the first black commentary content creators that I noticed years ago. If I only had one word to describe Ti, it would be perseverance. I love watching her live streams and its so unfortunate that whenever she speaks of serious matters happening in the world, YouTube purposely creates technical difficulties making it harder to hear and see her during the stream. Regardless of the pushback, she still perseveres and keeps coming back to YouTube to bring us much needed information. Lovely Ti is the perfect mixture of hot topics and real world news.


I love how Raven Elyse shares her perfectly imperfect life through her vlogs. She shares her mistakes and her ups and downs for her 1 million YouTube subscribers to see. I was thoroughly impressed by her buying a house at the age of 25 years old. She shared the entire process in her home series.

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allow space for growth ?

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I found Joseph Capehart on TikTok! He provides educational videos about inequality in such an understandable way. I love hearing him speak because its easy to learn so much from any of his 60 second videos.


Nate is a fashion designer and Tik Toker! I’ve known Nate for almost 10 years and I’m super proud of all that he’s doing. I previously mentioned him in the Black Owned Fashion Brands post so feel free to check it out for more of Nate.


From supermodel to super mogul! I’m so proud of Leomie for all she has accomplished in the modeling industry as a dark skin woman and I’m excited to see how she will take LAPP to the next level.


Eloho is a lover of beauty and fighting for social justice. Its such a beauty to watch her grow in this space and I’m super excited for Eloho’s future.

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Im not always strong. And that’s ok ⚠️

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Known as Fusion of Cultures on YouTube, I found Laila’s channel while I was still in college and seeking more information about natural hair. With Laila being Ghanaian, she immediately felt relatable since we’re from the same coast of Africa. If you’re looking for natural hairstyle ideas and tips on having healthy hair, Laila has a ton of videos that can help you out. Her beauty company, Wild Seed Botanicals definitely on my list of things to try! As a shea butter lover, it’s only right that I try some of her shea butter-based items.


Monica is a proud Dominican and has always been vocal about being afro latina years before it was cool to publicly claim being a black latin woman and I love her for it! She regularly breaks out in spanish during her videos and she’s still super easy to understand!

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Muñeca Muñeca For real! Shot by: @jveloz

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Todrick Hall is a superstar! I’ve been watching his wonderfully produced music videos and more for years! Todrick has been acknowledged by many stars including Beyonce and has features with incredible singers such as Tamar Braxton, Jordin Sparks, Amber Riley, Nicole Scherzinger, and more on my favorite of his albums Straight Outta Oz. Take a peek at the video below to watch the visuals for Straight Outta Oz.


I started watching Raye on YouTube years ago. I still reach for her BH Cosmetics collab makeup brushes on a regular basis. The highlighter brush is my absolute fave out of the bunch.

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Who’s your favorite black creator?

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