Can Modest Swimwear Still Be Fun?

I find that many don’t opt for modest swimwear anymore. Bikinis have gotten tinier over time and with most bikinis fitting like a thong nowadays, partially covering your butt feels like a thing of the past. Realizing that swimwear has gotten smaller leads me to wonder if modest swimwear can still be fun or is it now categorized as a little grandma-ish?

I hung out by the pool in an off-the-shoulder high waist bikini that surprisingly covers a decent amount of my butt. It reminds me of the bikinis that I used to wear through my childhood.

Testing out the prototype for the Befitting Style Paradise earring from the Bliss Collection, I paired it with a straw hat and realized that the earring needed to be a bit more detailed.

Once I got back in town, I created a smaller and more precise version of the Paradise earrings and now I love it.

There’s nothing wrong with swimwear that isn’t as daring as the norm. Modest swim is perfectly fine. It’s okay to cover up as much as you want and its also okay to show as much as you want.

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One Thought to “Can Modest Swimwear Still Be Fun?”

  1. Comfort Ayoade

    I love my gramma………Ish swimming swimwear that I have. Believe me, the bottom part has to cover everything. I love your swim wear combined with the earring, , really smashing. God bless you Oyin. Amen

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