Blue Stripe Dress | Marvel- White Earrings

For an evening hangout, I wore a blue stripe one-shoulder dress. What I love most about this dress is the asymmetrical silhouette at the shoulder which is definitely inspired by Self Portrait. A few years ago, it was hard to scroll down Instagram and not see bloggers wearing Self Portrait dresses and tops. The aesthetic is so unique that its hard not to notice. When I found this dress at an affordable price, I had to snag it.

When I purchased this dress years ago, I thought I would have to wear it as a top because the tough material kept it from stretching and fitting the lower half of my body. Now that I’m a few pounds lighter, I’m able to fit the dress.

I paired it with the Befitting Style Marvel-White Earrings from the Bliss Collection. I knew a pair of white earrings would be essential but didn’t realize I would love it this much.

I’ve always wanted white earrings and I’m so happy to have these Marvel Earrings. They come in handy for so many looks.

How could I forget to talk about the hair?! This is my first time braiding cornrows myself. I normally just stick to box braids but this style turned out better than I expected.

What style are you reaching for this summer?

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