Yellow Floral Maxi Skirt

What I love most about maxi skirts is that they’re so easy to wear. Not only is it a fun summer staple but it can add elegance to many fall looks. I plan on sharing different ways to wear maxi skirts so stay tuned for that. In the mean time, lets chat about this yellow floral maxi skirt paired with an orange bandeau.

For some reason, bandeaus are my go-to during the summer. At this point, I’m just looking for reasons to wear bandeaus. We still have about 30 days left of summer so bare with me and if you’re not new to Befitting Style, then you already know that I wear what’s considered summer clothes all year round.

This is my second time wearing this skirt as the first time was in Miami and I just realized that I also had red box braids back then.

There’s something about yellow that just hits different on dark skin tones! I’ve always loved how this skirt fits. The only thing I would change is the slit. With my new found love for super high slits that almost reach the hip, I need this slit to be higher.


Stay tuned for 1 item 3 ways posts coming up. Do you love wearing maxi skirts?

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