White Floral Sheer Casuals

I kept it casual in a white floral sheer dress paired with high waist shorts. Full transparency: Having a love/dislike relationship with this dress keeps me from wearing it. I initially paired it with a blue shirt dress a couple of years ago while at New York Fashion Week and I got to wear it again this summer but this time as a top.

Sometimes, a difference in size can really make a break an item. Its wayyy too big for a size medium and I should have stuck to the small, but for some reason, I thought it would be too provocative for me (and too tight) as a sheer dress so I stuck to the medium (silly me).

One may think I could have easily exchanged the medium for the small but sometimes I don’t feel like exchanging an item. There are far too many times that I just result to making the best out of it. Sometimes it works in my favor and other times, it keeps the garment ignored in my closet.

So here I am wearing this floral sheer dress as a top and making the best out it. The outfit turned out casual and cute.

I paired it with Tory Burch basket heels because of the blue detailing and of course accessorized with a peach necklace and turquoise earrings. These earrings upgrade any look!


Do you wear tops as dresses?

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