A Crochet Bikini Turned Crop Top

Does this count as a crop top? I began crocheting this pink bikini top before last spring and I learned that bikinis should be made from softer yarns. The yarn was so thick that I was discouraged to finish the bikini. I messed up but like many of my DIY projects, there’s always a lesson learned from it. Because I love the style of this bikini, I’ll definitely recreate it with the proper yarn so in the meantime, I’m wearing this bikini as a regular top (although it’s technically not finished).

Yup, it’s a crop top now and I’m loving it. It still needs some adjustments but it’s an easy wear for a few hours.

I accessorized with the Snatched earrings from the Befitting Style O Ti De Collection. It’s not really pictured well here but check out the shop site to view her in all her glory.

Skirts with tulle underneath are an automatic win! Reaching for this floral skirt was a no brainer.

The image quality for this post isn’t that great because the sun disappeared while shooting these images so this is the best I could produce out of it.

Hope you enjoyed this post! May your being be filled with great health! God bless! 🙂

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