You Deserve The Best | Cali Swim Bathing Suit

I find that black women are constantly told to humble themselves when partaking in the finer things in life. Whether it’s going on a simple excursion or buying high-end items, black women are normally told not to show up as their full vibrant selves and of course, I disagree with that!

I find that when you want to feel above someone else, you find any way to put them down. Whether you tell them they don’t belong in certain spaces or they shouldn’t be buying certain things (even if they have the money for it). It’s how the insecure play mind games with others, making others think they’re at a lower level when in actuality we’re all human and deserve access to the best things in life.

I threw on a Cali Swim bathing suit during a recent excursion. What I love about Cali Swim is how affordable it is and that its owned by my dear friend Laneesha Ford. I wore her bathing suit during my 28th birthday and at this point, I almost don’t like going out of town without some Cali Swim in my suitcase.

This bathing suit is actually turquoise at the top and purple at the bottom but the lighting was definitely off in the camera as it photographed as an all turquoise bathing suit.

I paired this swimsuit with a Befitting Style Tassel Earring (launching soon) and relaxed by the pool.

I like wearing bikinis and chilling poolside. For me, that’s self-care. When I say you deserve the best, I mean you deserve the things that make you happy regardless of those that told you that you don’t deserve it.

When people tell you, you’re doing the most, tell them they’re doing too little.

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