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This isn’t my first time out of my home during quarantine as I typically go grocery shopping weekly. This is definitely my first time stepping out without running errands. It felt incredible! To match my bright emotions beaming from within, I had to wear this yellow off the shoulder top with off white (not the brand, just the color LOL) shorts. I saw a yellow and white stripe awning that perfectly matched my bag. The business was closed so it had the perfect grey and yellow aesthetic (I’ve always loved grey and yellow together). I find art in the littlest things.

Just when I was about to take a picture in front of it, the owner of the business opened shop! It turned my yellow/grey aesthetic into yellow + a non-cohesive background. While playing with editing, I wondered if I could edit the grey into the image. Immediately I thought, it may end up looking crazy but its worth a shot. So I took out the background and included layers of this gray background in photoshop.

This is the original image.

This is the edit.

It almost looks good enough to post. LOL! I felt like I’d be a liar if I posted the pic with the grey background without sharing how the grey background came about. I plan on disclosing how much fun I had with photoshop while editing this photo on Instagram.

The lighting wasn’t perfect as the sun was going down which really messed with the quality of these images so I’m very sorry for these low-quality photos that are not as clear to my liking but I still had to share it with you to tell my story!

I literally did all of this because I’m a lover of aesthetically pleasing backgrounds and I couldn’t let this yellow and white stripe awning go as it matched too perfectly with my Sam Edelman bag. I purchased this bag about a year ago and forgot about it. This summer, its getting some love!

Later on, I took more pics by some greenery (my forever go-to). In my mind, greenery looks great with everything I wear.

Whether things get back to normal, or we develop a new normal, I’m happy to spend some time outside with people I love in big open spaces and do what makes me feel comfortable.

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to visit a lounge or sit indoor at a restaurant but I’m taking baby steps and being very cautious.


Have you stepped outside lately? If so, I hope you’re keeping it safe 🙂

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