Women’s Empowerment Meetup | Off the Shoulder Stripe Dress

Although I’m always talking about style, the interior is always more important than the exterior. Women are constantly told to accomplish things according to society’s timeline even if it may not be aligned with who they are destined to be. The Women’s Empowerment Meetup hosted by Tysha White of Styled To A Tea reassures you to live life for yourself instead of always aiming to please society.

Tysha and I connected during New York Fashion Week a couple of years ago and I love that she’s using her platform from being a fashion writer and a stylist to empower women to be courageous in what they are called to be. We both feel strongly about self-love and self-awareness as that quiets the noise and keeps you focused on yourself.

The panelists included Tilly Stewart, Nyia Moore , Marsha Badger and several others who shared their story and encouraged women not to give up on their dreams. It was liberating to sit with the panelists for a bit and add my 2 cents on self-love. I absolutely love this Women Empowerment event and can’t wait to attend more!

Now onto what I wore!

If theres one print I’m probably not going to get tired of, it has to be stripes (and florals of course but let’s focus on stripes for now). I’m attracted to geometric shapes hence why I love ankara so much but stripes can be worn in so many different ways. My friend suggested that maybe I look into getting Replica Handbags and trying them out with this cute striped outfit. I was so excited when I purchased this pink and green stripe dress from Nordstrom because I knew it would immediately come in handy.

If I could wear off the shoulder pieces everyday, I would! With pink and green being my favorite colors, I grabbed this dress so fast when I saw that there were only a couple left at Nordstrom.

Accessorizing with a pink and green necklace was a no-brainer!

I haven’t worn Steve Madden shoes since my college years but I recently found these strappy block heel Steve Madden sandals and couldn’t resist the soft pink shade.


My self-love keeps me empowered.

What keeps you empowered?

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5 Thoughts to “Women’s Empowerment Meetup | Off the Shoulder Stripe Dress”

  1. Gemille Sleweon

    I’m glad you had a great time meeting with other amazing women. Your dresses/outfits are always so well put together! I love the bright colors.

  2. GIRL!!! I love your style so much, this dress is so simple and beautiful. Thanks for giving me some inspiration to get out of my yoga pants lol!!!

  3. This looks so cute on you! I need to get something similar to this!

  4. Comfort Ayoade

    There is nothing better than self love, you will never feel out of place. I am happy you are able to add your own voice to self love. Please go out more and be an ambassador for women self love. God bless you Oyin. Amen

  5. blair villanueva

    I love the silhouette of your striped dress, it is fabulous and suits you well! And your necklace is eye catchy!

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