Will Floral Prints Ever Go Out of Style?

I grew up loving floral prints simply because I’ve always loved flowers so naturally as an adult, I’m still drawn to floral patterns. Florals have been a staple in the fashion industry long before I even came on this earth but I sometimes wonder if it’ll come and go like many other things.

What I love most about this floral dress is also what I dislike the most about this dress – the tiny buttons placed vertically down the middle. I love the aesthetic it creates and how polished tiny buttons can make an item look but because I’m usually rushing while getting dressed, these tiny buttons are an inconvenience. To save time, I don’t button it all the way. I keep it buttoned up to my lower sternum so it’s easier to get in and out of.

It’s hard to wear this much floral without whipping out the Befitting Style Azami Earrings (my fave).

I paired this floral Zara dress with neon yellow bedazzled shoes as well as the Brandon Blackwood Pink ESR bag.

Floral prints will probably never go out of style. It’s one of those staples that I see many people wearing for a very long time. Art imitates life and this world is always in full bloom. Even if it does go out of style, I’m still rocking it. I wear what I want not what I think everyone else wants.

Do you think floral prints will ever go out of style?

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