Weekly Steals | 38 Chic Blazers At Pocket Friendly Prices

So you’ve read my recent posts and saw different ways to slay in blazers for work and for the weekend. With the understanding that not everyone can afford some of the higher priced blazers, its only right that I bring you some chic blazers at pocket friendly prices.

We’re pretty much almost in the middle of fall and I can’t believe how fast time flew! It feels like just yesterday I wouldn’t even think of wearing a blazer because it would only cause me to excessively fan myself as the several heat waves that we encountered did not permit the chic bit. With the night time weather currently hitting low 50s and late 40s in temperature, I think its safe to say that a blazer is necessary.


solid-color-blazer- pocket-friendly-prices

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Which is your favorite?

Cover Image: Lauren Messiah

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25 Thoughts to “Weekly Steals | 38 Chic Blazers At Pocket Friendly Prices”

  1. I can’t belive that you can get a blazer that cheap in Nordstrom, much cheaper than macy*s. Each blazer stand for whatever occasion that someone want to wear them for but the blazers will be warm with sweater underneath. Thanks Oyin, God bless you. Amen.

  2. oh that gray blazer is something I would totally wear, but the printed blazer is so unique! That would be a statement piece!

  3. What a beautiful selection of blazers, and I’m surprised at how reasonably priced they are. I totally want that blush colored one. I can’t believe it’s only $59.50!

  4. At first going through I liked the first grey one because I can wear it with anything, then I spotted the Lioness Palermo one and omg! that is definitely a must have! Lots of great choices here.

    1. Oyinkan

      ha ha yes! Thanks!

  5. Ima

    The white and black with the black pants has to be it!
    I just love the jacket, perfect color combination 🙂

  6. A great blazer can really make an outfit something special! Great selection of blazers and jackets here!


    1. Oyinkan

      Yes it really can. Thanks girl!

  7. How pretty! I like the one with the stripes.

    I can’t believe it’s already fall either! Crazy.

  8. I love these blazers. I personally like the floral one, it’s posh and fab!

  9. Ola

    I love the houndstooth blazer. So versatile! But solide colored blazers are my favorite go to on days when I don’t really feel like putting a lot of effort into dressing up

    1. Oyinkan

      Yes it makes you look dressed up without having to go through the work of being dressed up.

  10. blair villanueva

    Blazers are my fashion life saver. Whenever my dress is looked lousy, my blazer saves the day!

  11. Paige

    That blue blazer at the top is my fave!

  12. Those are some cute blazers. I’m a big time blazer girl during the fall months.

    1. Oyinkan

      Yeah me too!

  13. So in love with all these blazer options! 🙂 xo, Chloe


  14. These blazers look awesome! Perfect for business meetings, or even a nice lunch out!

  15. Absolutely loving this roundup of beautiful blazers, the prices are not that bad either. I definitely like the first one as thats my style

  16. I love the colored blazers. The stripes are cute too.

  17. Im not really a fan of blazers but.reading your post make me want to get one for myself. Cool.

  18. I love blazers! Good selection 🙂

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