Weekly Steals | 25 Bomber Jackets Under $75 | Back To Fall & School

It’s time to start preparing for fall as it is rapidly creeping up on us. I don’t wear jackets often (yes even during the winter) but when I do, I usually opt for lighter jackets and some of those light jackets include bomber jackets. At some point, you may decide to throw on a bomber jacket to run errands, go to class or to hang out with friends. They’re easy to style for day to day rituals. As a color lover, I believe in wearing all colors all year round. I don’t believe in straying away from yellow and pastels during the fall, neither do I believe in wearing mostly dark colors during the cooler seasons so I’ve put together several bombers of different shades, prints and textures so you don’t have to break the bank while looking chic this fall.

Satin is a great dupe for silk. For those who may be looking for a cheaper find for silk bombers, try satin bombers. They’re much cheaper.

Bomber Jacket Under$75 Satin Cheap Befitting Style


For those who dare to be brave and love to sparkle, metallic and sequin bombers are pure perfection.

Bomber Jackets Under $75 Cheap Metallic Sequins Befitting Style


The mesh is definitely to be worn before it gets cold. For the early fall days, throw on this mesh bomber. I would actually wear it during the last days of summer as the temperature winds down to the 70s. Mesh is breathable and perfect.

Bomber Jacket Under $75 Cheap Mesh Befitting Style


I don’t believe in fall colors but those who do and feel that they need to stick to their browns and olives for the fall, these bombers work out just fine.

Bomber Jackets Under $75 Cheap Brown Befitting Style


A black and white look is always classic. I go through phases where I wear black and white for a few days and sometimes a week because its so easy to pair looks together.

Bomber Jacket Under $75 Black and White Befitting Style


If your’e like me, then you wear florals throughout the year. With florals being one of my favorite prints, these floral bombers are pure perfection (and super cheap). Take your pick.

Bomber Jackets Under $75 Cheap Florals Befitting Style


 How will you be styling your bomber this fall?

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  1. Wow, can you believe that bomber jacket can be that low priced. I always believe that anything that is in vogue at a particular time cost more. Bomber jackets can be purchased for $12, that blows my mind. Thank goodness autumn is here, I will be able to where it more often. Thanks Oyin, I know I have to shop through your website, Befitting style. God bless you. Amen.

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