Weekly Steals | 19 Neutral Peep Toe Booties Under $100

Happy Labor Day! I hope you are all enjoying your day. Many consider Labor Day to represent the end of summer but I believe in enjoying every season through the end. With a couple weeks till fall, I’m excited for the new styles that are to come with the upcoming season. Once fall begins, we will commence to our boots and booties. As the beginning of fall is usually relatively warm, peep toe booties are a perfect way to start. Many tend to opt for neutrals during the fall and as I dabble into neutrals once in a while, its only right that I bring you a compilation of neutral open toe booties at pocket friendly prices.

The brown booty is perfect as it easily pairs with many looks.

Brown peeptie bootie under 100


Pair these gray and white booties with lighter toned apparel.

Gray and white peep toe bootie under 100


I absolutely love black and white shoes! They’re so classic and chic.

Black white peep toe opentoe bootie under 100


The classic black bootie is one that every one needs. Whether you like your black bootie plain or featuring an array of details, every one needs at least one black bootie.

Black neutral peep toe bootie under 100


All the booties that are featured are currently on sale. Happy Shopping.

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  1. I love open toe booties. This is the right season to wear them. Open toe booties are elegant, beautiful and easy to wear and take off. Talk about the price, they are always right and you still look your best. Believe me, I like all the open toe booties that Oyinkan put on befitting style.com. Oyin enjoy your labor day and God bless and reward you for your candid job.

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