Wedding Guest


I love celebrating love! I recently got the opportunity to experience one of my dear friends becoming one with the love of her life and it was the most beautiful thing ever! Because I felt like the wedding date crept up on me, I purchased the gown the day of the wedding hoping it would fit without any issues for the ceremony which was in just a few hours.

Pairing this purple dress with pink lipstick was a no-brainer as I lovvvee contrasting colors!

I was in such a rush and wasn’t sure of what to wear as a necklace so I whipped out an oldie but goodie that I used to love during High School. Looking back at it, I would have probably went with a simpler necklace but this works.

For shoes, I went with a Ted Baker oldie but goodie. I love that it features hot pink florals! So perfect for this look!

Wedding season has just begun so stay tuned for more wedding looks 😉

What do you wear for weddings?

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