Befitting Picks | The Velvet Boot You Can Wear Anywhere

Unwearable in the rain but great for sunny days, this velvet piece is one that I need! I typically don’t go for shoes with such a low heel, but when I do, just know that its worth it! I guess I’m weird because I would actually pair this with almost anything. It would be the perfect pop for a dull look while complimentary to a look already filled with pizazz.


I love when a shoe feels good not just when I wear it but also when I touch it.


The best part about this shoe is its a steal! This luscious over the knee goodness retails for $150 at River Island or you can purchase a very similar pair at Aquazzura for $895.


The only part that I’m not in love with is the tie back fastening feature. I love my over the knee and thigh high boots to fit my thigh/knees just right without having to make any adjustments.

river-island-velvet-over-the-knee-boot-thigh high redo-3

Either way, this velvet boot is still worth it!

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