Ugly Sweater Party – Pink Fuzzy Sweater

So I ended up with a not-so-ugly sweater at the ugly sweater party. After shopping a super sale at Bath and Body Works, I had to walk through Sears to get to the parking lot. While rushing to the car, I stumbled upon this sweater that looked much uglier on the hanger. The Ugly Sweater Party was starting in a few hours and I still didn’t have an ugly sweater to wear. I bought this sweater and figured I’ll make it work for the party.

Ending up with this sweater was basically by default. With barely any time left to head to another mall, this pink printed fuzzy sweater felt like my only option and I didn’t realize how not-so-ugly this sweater was until I threw it on.

I paired it with neutral Banana Republic shorts and my very old and worn out Zara silver metallic oxfords.

My favorite accessory for this look is the pink beret. If you’re not new to Befitting Style, then you already know how much I love mini crossbodies! I seriously need one in every color.

The party was cool and I hope to redeem myself at the next Ugly Sweater Party by wearing a sweater that’s actually ugly. Did you attend any Ugly Sweater Parties this season?

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One Thought to “Ugly Sweater Party – Pink Fuzzy Sweater”

  1. Comfort Ayoade

    Your ugly sweater is okay to wear to other places that are not too fancy. As long as you enjoy yourself, that’s all that matter. God bless you and Happy New Year Oyin.

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