Typical Fall Look | Forest Green and Tans

Do you ever like to blend with your environment or even somehow mistakenly end up doing so? As I stood in front of this fence of leaves wearing forest green pants, with printed tan leaves, I realized that I was pretty much blending in with my environment. My love for monochrome leads me to appreciate these cheesy moments.





With the fabric of the Zara high waist pants being so thin, these pants are more suitable for spring and summer instead of the seasons that most would default to wearing it due to the forest green hue. This is why seasons can’t always dictate which color you wear.




When I grabbed this top, I didn’t even realize how well the Walter Baker brown and blue snake print would blend with the pants.



At this point the look still wasn’t doing enough for me so I decided to throw a green chiffon top over the button down. It added the much needed pizazz and brought me great satisfaction.




I’ve had these platform booties for at least 5 years and its so hard for me to let them go as they are super comfortable (and good looking of course)!


My favorite seasons are spring and summer and I’ve realized that being an October baby is the only reason I appreciate a bit of fall.


I actually can’t wait till winter gets here so that it can be spring all over again, nonetheless I think its important to appreciate each moment. I’ll be appreciating these fall days by wearing as much booties as possible.

How have you been dressing this fall?

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21 Thoughts to “Typical Fall Look | Forest Green and Tans”

  1. Good news it is all summer this week all over again . I am living it. Can anyone believe that by this time of the year we will be in 82 degree . I am trying to transition into auturm (fall) season. Hopefully November will be the real time to layer up. Layering can be bothersome, I like the way you layered. God bless you Oyin. Amen.

  2. Love your look, it is so colorful and perfect for fall! Layering is always a great tip to stay stylish but warm and cozy!


  3. So chic! Those shoes!

  4. I love the colors! And the shoes are adorable, too! I usually don’t wear heels but those would make me a lot taller.

    1. Oyinkan

      Thanks! Yes these are one of my higher heels. I’m pretty much 6 feet in these!

  5. I love that outfit, it looks very cool. I love that it blends into to the scenery too.

    Lennae xxx

  6. What a gorgeous look! I love the vibrant colors.

    I generally just wear jeans and t-shirts everywhere.

    1. Oyinkan

      Aww thanks girl!

  7. Blair Villanueva

    From head to toe, then back! This coordinate is what I call a Mother Nature! Cheers!

    1. Oyinkan

      ha ha blending in!

  8. I love these photos! They’re so colorful and beautiful. You did a great job styling this shoot! Great look too!

    Beth || http://www.TheStyleBouquet.com

  9. Those platform boots caught my eyes, I can’t tell when last I have worn one. The casual look makes me want to dress casual since I don’t get to do so on a daily basis, it just put me in the mood.

    – Tione

  10. Love the vibrant colors and the whole outfit!

  11. What a stylish outfit! I particularly like the pants with the camel wedges!

  12. Love that green on you and its one of my favorite shades of green too. Those boots are so cute.

  13. I really love your style! I also love to wear nice springy colours all year round!!! 🙂 Love those pants and boots!

    1. Oyinkan

      Yesss! Bright colors are the best!

  14. You look great. The colors are great. I love Turquoise.

  15. DT

    Love your look- so chic. Especially drooling over those pants!!!!

    — DT | Here I Scribble

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