Trunks at Thorsun SS17 | NYFWM

How can I speak of the Spring/Summer 2017 without speaking of the trunks at Thorsun? Trunks are essential for the spring and summer as the warmer weather permits beachwear. With models that are inviting with their smiles and laughter, the presentation surely took me back to the beach days.

Thorsun SS17 2

Thorsun SS17 1

Thorsun also offers womenswear so he showcased a few bikinis and bathing suits during this men’s presentation.

Thorsun SS17 9

I especially love that out of his 3 female models, he included a black female model with natural hair. I’m so glad that more black models are being casted for presentations, thus building a greater diversity when showcasing a line.

Thorsun SS17 3

Thorsun SS17 6

As a luxury beachwear line, the pieces are created with hand embroidered finishes and embodies the finest substances suitable for beachwear.

Thorsun SS17 5

The models bought the line to life with their vibrant energy.

Thorsun SS17 8

Thorsun SS177

Thorsun can usually be shopped at their website and also

What do you think of the trunks?

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