Tried The Kala Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick

I’m always trying new make up so I figured I might as well begin documenting it! Because I’m a lippie, I had to try the Kala Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick! I was drawn by the vibrant colors when my best friend suggested the cosmetics line. Take a peak at the video for swatches, first impressions and my overall thoughts on the lipsticks. As beautiful as it is, there is one very disappointing factor. It was d

As beautiful as it is, there is one very disappointing factor. It was definitely not as good as I initially thought is and in the video, I shared how wearing it over time confirmed that. Let’s just say I’d recommend ColourPop Cosmetics over Kala Cosmetics!

Kala Cosmetics Hit or Miss- Befitting Style

Thanks for watching and let me know if you’ve tried Kala Cosmetics.

Kala Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipsticks Hit or Miss - Befitting Style

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140 Thoughts to “Tried The Kala Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick”

  1. I ,love the bright pink color of this lipstick. I love matte lip pies. I will check this out.

  2. robin rue

    I love that lipstick shade. It looks amazing on you.

  3. I love that color! I wish I could pull of bold colors like that. If I wear anything more vibrant than a nude with a touch of pink in it, I look like a clown. But I want to wear colors like that SO BAD. =(

    1. Awww have you tried using lip liner when wearing bold colors?

  4. I LOVE the Bright Pink color, especially on you! Looks great, I will have to give this product a try

    1. Matte lipstick is always the best!

  5. Ooh first time hearing of Kala cosmetics. I have never tried their products but that purple lippie is fire on you. Gorgeous x

  6. That is such a nice lip color! I love matte lipsticks so I’ll be checking this out!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

    1. Thanks love. I love matte lippies but not this one lol

  7. Jay Colby

    Great lip color. I love your YouTube channel!

    1. Thanks boo! Thanks for checking it out.

  8. That lipstick is AH-mazing. You look stunning! Now if only I had your confidence to try it out.

    1. LOL! Give it a try… but I would recommend Colour Pop Cosmetics over this. They have bright colors as well that is much longer lasting.

  9. That color is absolutely perfect for you! Now that it is Spring, I’m trying to use more bright and colorful lip colors…thanks for the inspiration!

  10. The pink colour looks amazing on you

  11. Such a pretty color! I need to be bold and try lip color

  12. Wow! Talk about being pigmented!! Those colors just POP! Personally I love them! I say YAY!

  13. I loved this! Thank you, so often I don’t find reviews of products on darker skin tones. This was beautiful on you and I can’t wait to try it as well.

    -Navi (

  14. I love that shade on you! I also really like all of the swatches. I’m going to have to try this brand. Thanks!

  15. These look fantastic. So do you! I love that lip color. It just pops!

  16. That lip color is perfect! Vibrant too. Love that its matte.

  17. That is such a gorgeous color on you! I love a bold lip!!!

    Lydia |

  18. Nice colour, looks great on you. Seems to accent your beautiful smile. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Not a problem. Thank you!!

  19. I never got the liquid lipstick trend until I tried it, and now I love it! That shade is so bold yet suits you very well 🙂

    1. Girrrllll matte lipsticks are the absolute best! I love getting most of my lippies matte

  20. This is such a beautiful colour on you; I absolutely love bold lipstick and love wearing them, it’s a shame when something looks great at first but then dissapoints

    1. Such a shame because I was actually looking forward to supporting the brand in the future because the colors are beautiful.

  21. I loved this video! I’m obsessed with liquid lipstick but I’m with you…I have my favorite brands and I’m kind of picky about the formula.


    1. I’m very picky with formulas! But at the very least, it needs to last!

  22. Victoria Heckstall

    I heard a lot about Kala Lipstick and I love those gorgeous colors! I would love to try it especially your pick color.

    1. Cool Let me know how it works out for you.

  23. Cute color! I can do a bold pink, but I wonder about the other colors. I want to get bold enough to try a dark color as well.

    1. Oh girrrll I love a dark lip hunny!

  24. sara

    I have never heard of Kala cosmetics before. This shade of lipstick looks amazing on you!

  25. You are rocking that color. It’s great on you. I love a great matte lip too. How does this one feel after you have had it on for a while? Is it drying? Some formulas can feel really dry after a while, and I’m always game to try the ones others say don’t feel dry.

    1. It didn’t feel dry but it didn’t last long at all to feel like anything. It lacks longevity.

  26. Mars

    Those lipsticks are amazing. I am addicted to matte lipstick lately.. I have a couple of brands in my purse actually. Not telling the brands ? I think I need to try that Kala cosmetics. Looks fab on you!

  27. You do look great. I think I would be afraid to use any products for my eyes. Not only because I’m a guy but because I’d probably screw it all up. You do a great job though.

  28. This color lipstick looks great on you – I love playing around with lipstick too, and I LOVE a bold lip. Sorry this one wasn’t exactly right for what you wanted though.

    1. Yeah sucks… sooo disappointed…. but thanks boo.

  29. Kala cosmetics must be really new in the market, i never heard of it. Thanks for letting me know about it. I will wait till when I hear something good about the lipstick before I will buy it. God bless you Oyin. Amen.

  30. What gorgeous colors you picked. Spring seems to bring the brights colors out of us and you show it beautifully.


  31. I need to try any and all tips for under eye help!! LOL!! Great post and great products!!

    1. What’s wrong with your under eye?

  32. Never heard of these! I love a good matte lipstick so I’m definitely checking these out!

    1. The matte-er the better lol!

  33. Elizabeth O.

    I am a sucker for liquid matte lipsticks! I think this brand is really nice, I like the shades and the pigmentation is awesome. I’d love to give it a try!

    1. Yeah the pigmentation is awesome but I just wish it lasted longer.

  34. This is my first time hearing about the brand and I am captivated by the shades! The quality looks good as well.

    1. Glad I can introduce you to the brand.

  35. Nay

    I am a bit obsessed with liquid Matte lipsticks at the moment myself! It’s a shame you were disappointed with this one as the colour looks amazing on you.

    1. Such a shame!! I wish it wasn’t disappointing.

  36. Love this brand, quality is amazing and my favorite is the pink too! You looks so pretty with it!

    1. Have you tried it before?

  37. Bel

    You’re definitely right about the color. It is so pretty. There was a time when this shade was my only colour.

    1. Yeah I used to wear this shade all the time a long time ago. I was in love with “Luv” by Kat Von D.

  38. Those shade look amazing on you!

  39. That’s too bad. I love the way the matte looked, especially the first one you tried on. Definitely not worth it if it cracks 10 minutes after you apply it.

    1. Girrrrrrllllll! Definitely not worth it!

  40. Kathy

    Those are some beautiful colors of lipstick. I don’t usually wear lipstick. I have been looking for some colors though. I think I’ll be checking these ones out!

    1. Cool let me know how it works out for you.

  41. OMG! That shade looks great on you! You look pretty!

  42. Michelle Waller

    That color looks gorgeous on you! I wish I could pull a color like that off.

  43. Erin

    I have never heard of Kala Cosmetics! I would totally try them tho, are they tested on animals?

    The shade you are wearing in the photos is gorgeous on you!

    1. I’m not sure if this is tested on animals or not.

  44. uprunforlife

    There is no way that I could pull off the purple lipstick. It looks awesome on you. I tend to stick to natural shades when I choose to wear lipstick.

  45. Those colors are so vibrant, they’re awesome! I’ve never tried these but I’ve heard of ColorPop

    1. Girl! ColourPop is the business! Literally one of my absolute favorites!

  46. Never tried this yet but the pink lippie look goods on you. I prefer Colour Pop as well but I might give this a try.

    1. Let me know how this works out for you!

  47. I love a bold lip color! I tend to keep my makeup really simple and low maintenance but I do always feel more put together with some lipstick on. It dresses up my look instantly.

    1. Lipstick always bring a look together.

  48. Lipsticks! I’m telling you, my sisters would love to get their hands on any lipsticks they see. (That’s what I think.)

    But anyway, it has a beautiful color I guess.

    1. LOL Lipstick is an amazing creation.

  49. What a beautiful color of lipstick! It looks great on you!

  50. That pink shade looks so gorgeous on you! Such a perfect spring/summer colour!

  51. karlyn cruz

    Pink is my favorite color! I love it. I really like matte lipsticks. It is totally long lasting!

    1. Yeah some matte lipsticks are long lasting. Not all. I wish they all are.

  52. I love a great matte lipstick. These colors look vibrant on you!

  53. I think those lipstick colors look gorgeous on you! The pink really makes your face pop!

  54. I haven’t tried this brand of lipstick yet. They look and sound great though. Will check ’em out.

    1. Not so much lol but maybe you’ll have a different experience from me. Let know how it goes when you try it.

  55. I love matte lipsticks! Haven’t tried this brand before but I really like how pretty the shade looks on you.

  56. Leigh Anne Borders

    What beautiful colors for lips. I love these shades and they look great on you.

  57. wendy

    I have never tried this brand of lipstick, but I am going to. I love the color, and that shade looks excellent on you!

    1. Cool let me know how it works out for you.

  58. I just love a matte lipstick color. This shade looks perfect on you. k

  59. I’m loving the purple one. It really looks great on you!

  60. My wife is all about the matte lipsticks. The purple one looks really cool!

  61. The Latte matte is really pretty on you. I just knew the ‘cherry’ lippie was going to look bright. I feel so behind…I didn’t even know that lipsticks ‘chip.’ Too bad the formula does not last.

    1. Wayyy too bad it doesn’t last b/c it’s really pretty!

  62. Angela Milnes

    I love this post and I am a huge fan of matte lipsticks! I love the colors. Glad you share this with us

  63. CourtneyLynne

    Oooo so many fabulous colors!!!!! Never hear if Kayla but it looks like I need to get myself a few of these lipsticks

  64. I’m lovin’ the packages and the color of these lippies!!! It looks so good on you.

  65. Wow, that color really does “pop”! It’s quite vibrant and awesome!

  66. Misty Nelson Dawn

    These are all looks beautiful and I am a huge fan of matte lipstick!

  67. That matte lip color is GORGEOUS! I wish I could pull it off!

  68. lex

    good colour and very good shade it carries along, you look fab in it and sure rock it up… will my girl like this? sure yes, thanks for the heads up..

  69. Nichole Shirell

    That is a great shade on you. Itb on perfect and full of life

  70. eazynazy

    wow that lipstick shade looks amazing on you

  71. Wow! That lipstick really fits you! You should use it all the time…

    1. If only it lasted long, I would. Too bad it doesn’t.

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