Top 10 Best Dressed in Solidaridity at the Golden Globes | Sexual Harassment Support

The 2018 Golden Globes wasn’t just about wearing pretty dresses this year. Many women took a stand for race and gender inequality. One of the matters being sexual assault as society has normalized it for years. They wore black in solidarity with all of those who have been sexually harassed and/or assaulted as well as the racial issues we still face. There are various levels of sexual harrasment from sending links to porn websites like Nu Bay to stalking someone and none should be regarded as being less than any other no matter how small it may seem, sexual harrasment is sexual harrasment and it good to see people out supporting such a worthy cause.

The #MeToo movement has given a lot of victims the courage to speak up about their unfortunate experiences thus shedding light on this very serious matter; showing people that it has directly affected so much more individuals than what is perceived. I commend all of those who speak out against this publicly as victims have suffered in silence for years (some even suffered for decades), not speaking up due to fear of being ridiculed, chastised and blacklisted from their professions. While it’s not easy for victims to speak up on these terrible experiences, at least they know that during this time, more support is provided for this matter.

From Tracee Ellis Ross sporting a beautiful black satin gown and gele to Viola Davis’ accessorizing her gown with her beautiful afro, here are my picks for the best dressed at the 75th Annual Golden Globes!

Tracee Ellis Ross | Marc Jacobs

Blake Lively | Custom Atelier Versace

Viola Davis

Kendall Jenner | Giambattista Valli

Margot Robbie | Gucci

Mary J Blige

Jessica Biel | Dior Homme

Angelina Jolie

Naomi Campbell

Kerry Washington | Prabal Gurung

Now that you’ve checked out these beautiful dresses, it’s time for more important matters.

If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual harassment, here are a few places you can call for support.

RAINN | 800-656-HOPE | 24/7 | Nationwide

DWDC | 212-994-2020 | New York Based

Crisis Text Line | Text HOME to 741741 | Nationwide

National Domestic Violence Hotline | 1800-799-7233 | or text LOVE IS to 22522 | 24/7 Live Chat to speak with an advocate.

Do you know of any sexual assault programs? If so, leave their info in the comment section so that those who may need it can utilize their services.



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33 Thoughts to “Top 10 Best Dressed in Solidaridity at the Golden Globes | Sexual Harassment Support”

  1. Comfort Ayoade

    Thank God that people are now speaking up. A lot of women have suffered in silence in order to be able to put food on the table for there children. How low you can go, will determine your promotion and better pay. Why can’t we get equal pay for equal job. We will get to that stage one day as long as we don’t keep quiet about it. God bless you Oyin. Amen

  2. Loved all the dresses, they all looked fabulous but the meaning of it is much more and as it was said, time is up and it’s time to stand together as women, uplift and support each other too.

  3. Jessica Taylor

    Kendall Jenner ROCKED that outfit! I really love how so many people came together to support the cause! Its nice to see so many well-known women fighting for the same things I am fighting for

  4. Joanna

    It’s admirable how the women are braving up and start to speak up about sexual harassment. We should all follow and put an end to what so far society considered it “normal”.

  5. So many cute dresses. So good to see ladies coming together for a great cause.

  6. What some absolutely beautiful looking dresses and what an absolutely amazing thing for them to have done to show the solidarity to all those who have been affected by sexual harassment.

  7. I just love how everyone wore black in solidarity. Everyone looks so gorgeous and fierce.

  8. Jeanette Radmall

    Thank you for bringing awareness to an important topic affecting everyone. And although this want the point of the post, i enjoyed the outfit photos.

  9. What an important topic to raise awareness for! Every single one of these people look amazing in their outfits too.

  10. I am loving all the black gowns. They look really gorgeous and loving the glitter too.

  11. beautiful dresses and so proud that they spoke out, what a great platform to do just that

  12. I think it is fantastic that they are raising awareness of such an important issue and what great dresses. I am going to have to look up why they chose black though because although it makes a point as they are dark I associate it and dresses with little black dress and that’s connotations

  13. It makes my heart hurt that so many women have been subjected to sexual harassment and sexual abuse and seeing these women take a stand is beautiful, if sad as well. Black is a poignant colour and I loved all their interpretations of the ‘me too’ movement.

  14. I love that they are showing such solidarity in this trying time. It makes me really sad that so many people are being subjected to this type of harassment and abuse. I love this so much.

  15. Kerry Washington really looked amazing in Prabal Gurung. I loved the idea behind the dress it is to say enough is enough, we must stand together and speak out against this behavior.

  16. How good did everyone look though!? So glad to see all of these women being so strong.

  17. i also wrote about the Golden Globe Fashions for the first time this year because of the meaning behind what they wore, not the designers but the color and WHY they chose it, I also shared my own #MeToo story, in October when light was shed on the movement again, I wrote #MeToo as my status update on social but did not share my personal story despite many people asking me to. I finally chose to do it, and it was great seeing so many show solidarity to Times Up and Me Too and share their stories.

  18. Such an amazing choice of outfits, i often wonder how long it takes the seamstress to make each one and long they look to plan the look.

  19. Agentszerozerosetter

    Kendall Jenner with this Gianbattista Valli dress is sure my favorite, such a magical outfit!

  20. What beautiful women standing up for such an important cause. I was so inspired by it all!

  21. Leigh Anne Borders

    I love all the dresses they wore. This is a great collection from the evening. I loved what they stood for!

  22. I still can’t get over everyone’s attitude at this event. They really impressed me.

  23. It seriously made me proud to see all the women (and men) come in support of this great movement. Definitely fills me with hope that women will not have to face abuse and gender inequality in the future.

  24. I love that all these women are taking a stand against sexual harassment. I was proud to see this movement at the Golden Globes.

  25. Melodi Steinberg

    Naomi campbell looked super classy!

  26. Kiwi

    Its hard to choose a favorite. I love that everyone was glam in black it was amazing!

  27. Joy

    They all look stunning in their respective black dresses but my favorites are Blake Lively and Naomi Campbell! 🙂

  28. I love how beautiful and classy all of these women are in the dresses. The black just looks stunning on them. Sometimes something simple and elegant is the best statement anyone can make.

  29. Siti Aana

    Wow! each and everyone of them look lovely but I am just so biased about Angelina Jolie! I fangirl over her all the time :p

  30. We were able to watch this and all the ladies looked so gorgeous. The highlight on that night was very powerful, as powerful as all these women.

  31. Candy Rachelle

    They are all stunning in their black dresses. and Angelina Jolie is so gorgeous and fabulous. I am a huge fan of her. OMG!!

  32. I love all the dresses, they all looked so beautiful .

  33. I love watching what everyone is wearing. It is the best part of the globes.

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