5 Tips On Shopping Black Friday Effectively

As thrilling as it is to be able to obtain your favorite items, Black Friday shopping can be stressful. Despite the stress, many partake in this annual mega sale because of the amount of money they get to save. Sales sometimes go as high as 70%-80% off so I can understand why many would do whatever it takes to save a coin. Just because you want to save a coin doesn’t mean you have to go through the hassle. Following these 5 tips that will ensure that you snag all your items and keep your Black Friday shopping hassle-free.


Decide which stores you’d like to go to prior to leaving your home. Don’t leave this decision to when you pull up at the mall parking lot.


There is no time to stop and leisurely shop wondering what to get and if an item is worth the purchase. This is not your usual day at the mall. All that pondering must be done at home. After deciding which stores you’ll be going to, make a list of all the items you plan on purchasing at the stores. This helps you move swiftly because steadfastness is necessary as items run out pretty fast on Black Friday. We knew we wanted a memory foam mattress and having it written on the list saved so much time!


Some stores allow you to place an item on hold for 24 hours. Use that benefit to your advantage. Within 24 hours before the sale begins, head over the store and place your items on hold. Because Black Friday has a high amount of participants, there is a chance that several things may be sold out within the first couple of hours of the sale. In order to guarantee that your favorite item isn’t at risk of being out of stock by the time you get there, placing it on hold is key.


Black Friday in-store shopping is for the brave. If you plan on waiting on line outside for stores to open, be sure to bundle up and wear comfortable shoes. Comfortability is subjective so wear what allows you to maneuver through people (and things) quickly. With all the pushing, pulling and tugging that occurs, you want to be able to move quickly so that you get to your items, head straight to the register and get out as quick as possible. If you plan on going to more than one store, be sure to get out even quicker. There are items that you can take home with you on the day of purchase, but there are some, like a flat screen TV or furniture, where you may want to think about furniture delivery options so it is one less thing to think about and is transported to your home safely.


You can always shop online. Of course, some sales are  in- store only but there are many sales online, there are even websites that find the best sales and deals online so that you always get the cheapest online price, click here to read more. Let’s not forget  there’s also Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

I’m not a fan of shops that are way too crowded. When I do take advantage of Black Friday sales, they are usually online.

Let me know if I missed anything. What are some tips that you follow when snagging these Black Friday deals?

I hope these tips will help your Black Friday shopping go a lot smoother. Happy Shopping!

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14 Thoughts to “5 Tips On Shopping Black Friday Effectively”

  1. It’s so helpful to make a list ahead of time! I’ll print out pictures of the items I want, too.

    1. Such a great idea!! It helps you find your items quicker with less confusion.

  2. Thanks Oyin, this is good to know. I gave up on black Friday since people starts to get injured and even died while shopping. I am a good fan of shopping on line. If I changed my mind, I will follow your advice. God bless you Oyin. Amen

  3. great tips! making a decision is so important but it’s so hard!!

    1. Yeah especially with a lot of deals around… maybe sticking to what’s needed (instead of wanted) may help.

  4. I like the hold suggestion and of course the online deal is nice! I haven’t gone shopping in a couple years but, i don’t really miss it either.

  5. Great tips! I love a good bargain, but hate the madness that comes with it. I love shopping online!

    Lennae xxx

    1. Yes shopping online is the easiest!

  6. I have to admit that I’ve never shopped on black Friday, we never had it in the UK and we don’t really have it up here in Canada now. The sales look amazing though!

  7. blair villanueva

    when having a marathon shopping I only wear comfortable simple top and shorts, plus flat shoes. Armed with small sling bag.

    Still online shopping is less stressful so I prefer that.

    1. So true! A crossbody bag allows you to grab more stuff!

  8. These are lovely tips and ones I will follow should I change my mind to go out in the shopping madeness of Oxford street lol

    1. haha its crazy out there.

  9. Great tips shared! Hope you had an amazing Black Friday shopping! I had a crazy time but really found some great deals!

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