There’s Always A Reason To Celebrate | Black Layered Sleeve Dress

I’m such a lover of colors that its very rare for me to wear all black but in order for me to do so, each piece must have a level of intricacy infused into it. I spent the day running around handling last minute things then went to a day party celebrating JDot‘s birthday.

When I initially laid my eyes on this dress, I knew I had to have it. The sleeves were calling my name so I knew if I walked out of the store without it, I would only end up wanting it even more.

Some may layer by stacking jackets and sweaters, but my version of layering involves mesh, lace and solid woven sleeves.

I didn’t notice the amount of detailing the dress had until I wore it, therefore making it one of my favorite black dresses.

Sticking with the updo that I originally created for the masquerade, I kept my makeup simple with the Fenty Stunna Lip Paint.

There’s always so much to celebrate and as I am forever grateful for being blessed with the gift of life, I am always appreciative for the positive people God placed around me.

It’s always easier to run around and party with a crossbody so I threw on my favorite bag and I also accessorized with my favorite black thigh high boots. Because I haven’t put it to much use since wearing it during fashion week 4 seasons ago, it’s only right that I whip them out again, with the silver zippers complimenting the grey necklace and earrings.



Do you wear black dresses during the holidays?

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25 Thoughts to “There’s Always A Reason To Celebrate | Black Layered Sleeve Dress”

  1. That dress is very cute. I love how unique the sleeves are.

  2. You look great in that black dress. I think black dress is a good choice for party.

  3. soonjoo

    Love the black layered sleeve dress with leather knee length boots! I love wearing black top to bottom it’s so chic and stylish! Perfect outfit for party!

    1. Thank you love. Everyone one needs a classic black dress.

  4. Hannah Marie

    The dress is gorgeous! Perfect for parties or night outs.

  5. Ok – I adore that dress! It’s so feminine and eye-catching – but I simply must have that bag, too! yes – I DO wear black – almost exclusively – when I dress up for the holidays

    1. Lolll Yesssss girl. I don’t really wear black often but had to make an exception for this dress.

  6. Marissa Zurfluh

    I love my blacks and darks. I don’t mean to, but I find myself buying and wearing them a lot.

    1. My best friend is the same way girl!

  7. wendy polisi

    Now THAT is one gorgeous dress! I would looooove to pull something like that off!

  8. Those sleeves are ah-mazing! You look absolutely stunning. Love everything about your look!

  9. HELLO GORGEOUS! You are rockin’ that dress like NO ONE’S BUSINESS! I know I could NEVER pull it off!

  10. Wow you look amazing! I love the sleeves and the neckline of that dress. And it just makes your red lipstick pop!

  11. That dress is gorgeous (so are you). I would love to see a dress like that in red!

    1. Hmmm I wonder if they have it in red. It’s probably stunning in red.

  12. You look great in that dress. I think the sleeves are my favorite part because they had a little fun to the outfit. =)

  13. this dress is fan-ta-stic! I can stop looking at it! so original and unique! i love the design! and you are rocking it!

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