The Only Dress From Boohoo That I Like | White Bodycon Dress

I normally only speak of brands that I love on Befitting Style but its hard for me to talk about a dress that I love without mentioning that I’m not too fond of most of the pieces from the brand. Many love to shop at Boohoo because its affordable and trendy so I tried Boohoo a few years ago. I purchased at least 10 items so that I can properly review the brand’s quality of clothing.

Out of all those pieces, this white off-the-shoulder peplum sleeve dress is the only dress I liked from the brand. I also liked a black cover-up as well as a purple floral skirt. It was so disappointing that my reason for not caring for clothes from Boohoo is simply because of the quality of the fabric. A lot of the fabric is super thin and felt like it can easily rip after a couple of wears. No matter how much I pay for an item, I like having the option of keeping it for as long as I can (I still have some clothes from High School and Middle School).

It seemed to me that the game of being a Boohoo shopper is buying an affordable item, wearing it a couple of times, toss it out, then repeat. From a brand’s standpoint, it helps you make more money but viewing it from a consumer’s lens, you’re not only wasting money but also not being sustainable.

I love the thickness of the fabric of this dress and wish they created many more of their pieces this way (thick and of better quality). Although some people love fast fashion, there are still plenty of people that appreciate a good quality item that takes the proper time to make with special care.

I paired this dress with the Befitting Style Dashing Earrings and a red Brandon Blackwood ESR Bag.

Because it’s hard to predict the quality one could end up getting at Boohoo and with about 70% of the items that I purchased being of lesser quality, I never shopped at Boohoo again.



What is your experience with fast fashion brands?

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