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The debut of the Feng Chen Wang S1S17 collection wasn’t your average presentation. Displaying her collection as her models stood tall against the high windows at V files allowed us to see the connectivity of it all. She utilized the looped cables to not only showcase her belief in fate and connectivity, but also technology in this new day and age as that is how most people meet one another.

Feng Chen Wang SS17 2

Feng Chen Wang SS17 1

Some designers are inspired by the past, while others like to illustrate their embrace of the present through their art. Technology is always an interesting incorporation as its usually done differently. A lot of times, technology is incorporated as the clothes being able to help in a technological function. Feng Chen Wang decided to show technology metaphorically.

Feng Chen Wang SS17 5

Splitting the fabric and connecting them to one another while looping them into knots highlights looped cables. Showing openings of the skin while being covered up leads them to be dressed while undressed.

Feng Chen Wang SS17 6

Simultaneously utilizing the hot and cold of it all, from white to navy to orange-red, the colors of technology are very much present.

Feng Chen Wang SS17 4

Some people utilize modern age technology such as social media in order to connect with others because they feel alone. Others decide to use it to make a name for themselves, whether that be as a business or individually. It gives you the power to be able to network with people who have similar interests and likes as you, providing you with a sense of togetherness. For businesses, it helps to connect them with potential clients, and if they learn how to get more instagram followers in the process, their brand will only grow from there. Who knew that something as small as social media has the ability to completely transform a person’s life? Due the incorporation of these social platforms, they are able to connect with others and feel a sense of togetherness even while physically being detached from everyone. The words “you” and “we” on the front of some her pieces displaying that one can feel alone even while being connected.

Feng Chen Wang 8

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