Taupe Loving

Some people stick to black and whites while others stick to bright colors. I’m a lover of both.. not equally of course. Though I may wear bright colors most of the time, I also love neutral colors. Because of my love for bright colors, some may wonder why I would post about taupe. Taupe is a color that anyone can easily pair with many colors. Bright colors may not appeal to everyone, but regardless of your preference you are bound to have at least one taupe piece in your closet.



I paired my taupe and black shawl neck sweater with a white and taupe sweater underneath. This combination is perfect for unexpected chilly mornings and nights during the fall.





I’ve worn these pants many times over the last few years because it is so easy to pair it with many things  in my closet.







Though this bag looks like a regular bag, it’s actually a lunch tote that goes perfectly with the sweater while bringing a pop of color to this taupe look with the pink bow.  I love switching out my pieces and allowing them to serve different purposes for different looks.  I tend to default to mixing prints, hence why my cheetah print pumps are perfect for this look.




I’m so glad that I have been able to find hats that fit this big head  of mine.





Hat: Vince Camuto

Shawl Neck Sweater: New York & Company

Sweater: Calvin Klein

Pants: Old Navy

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Bag: Betsey Johnson

Although taupe can be associated with fall colors, it is very much a transitional color. If you’ve read my previous post about my lack of belief in fall colors then you would understand that whether taupe is asssociated with a season or not, I would still wear it through out the year, as I wear all other colors through out the year.

But of course it is absolutely impossible for me to wear neutral colors all the time, yet switching things up a bit is always fun.

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3 Thoughts to “Taupe Loving”

  1. comfort

    The taupe looks like animal print. This is a piece of luxury that you will enjoy for a long time. It looks like something one can wear all year round except hot summer day. Beautiful piece of attire.

  2. I love the cape! It’s such a beautiful piece

    1. Oyinkan

      Thank you!

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