Take A Dip With A Floral Bathing Suit

If I had to choose between a bikini and a bathing suit, I would pick a bikini. I’ve always liked almost baring it all, showing as much skin as possible because being at a pool means I’m surrounded by warm weather which I love much more than the snow and hail that New York experiences. This is not my first time wearing a bathing suit, I’ve worn many over the years but when I decided to get away for a bit, I made sure I packed this Bagley Mischa floral bathing suit. While packing my suitcase, I knew I needed clothes that were as bright as my hair. This bathing suit made the cut.

I love the way it fits me. Of course, every bikini and bathing suit is supposed to cling to your body yet this one clings to me more than Victoria’s Secret bikinis that I love so much and previously assumed there’s nothing better than it. I was clearly wrong!

Although I still love my Victoria’s Secret bathing suits and will continue to purchase them, I’m glad that I gave another brand a try.



What type of bathing suits do you wear?

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95 Thoughts to “Take A Dip With A Floral Bathing Suit”

  1. I love how you color coordinated your hair with this suit. I’m seriously loving the new bathing suits they’re coming out these days. You look so great in this one!

    Rock on, sis!


    Berniedette | PetiteAndToned.com

    1. Thank you love!!! They’re doing so good with the bathing suits nowadays!

  2. I love how colorful the swimsuit is. You look gorgeous by the way and I love your hair.

  3. I really love your bright hair!! I rock purple streaks in my hair so brightly-colored hair always catches my eye! And that suit has a really colorful and fun pattern! When I wear a swimsuit, I usually go for a very sporty style–so I probably don’t look too stylish, but wearing swimming shorts and a rashguard I feel protected from the tropical sun and able to enjoy the ocean around my island home!

    1. I’ve loved red hair since High School. I was a bit apprehensive about having a full head of red but figured why not?! Thank you girl!

  4. I love this suit! It’s so colorful and fun! I really like that it’s strapless. It looks great on you. Keep rocking it!!

  5. One -pieces are so in right now! This pattern really suits you, and I’m glad you opted to try a 1 piece instead of another bikini! BTW-love the hair 🙂

  6. I love this suit SO much!! So much that I just might have to get it! We have two vacations coming up and I only have some old suits to bring! You look amazing by the way!

    1. New suits are a must for vacations! Glad you like it!

  7. What a great suit! It looks fantastic on you. I like the bright colors and the design. I usually wear a 2-piece tankini type suit, but I have worn a bikini too.

  8. Oh, that is so fun! I LOVE those poppy colors on that bold pattern. It’s sassy and with all that movement, it hides stuff if you need it to. Great!

    1. Lol! Thank you girl!

  9. You look gorgeous in this! I usually love a bikini because of my small frame. I’m exploring some other options lately since one pieces are really becoming cuter!

    1. Thank you!! One pieces are definitely being made cuter! It’s always good to change things up.

  10. Lindsay

    First of all, you look amazing! I’m 4 months post partum and allllll about the one piece. Love your floral pick.

    1. Thank you and congrats on the new baby!!!!

  11. Ruth Ridley

    I chose a one piece this year as well!! This one looks amazing on you!!

  12. Rebecca Swenor

    This suit looks great on you and goes awesomely with your hair. I happen to love your hair color by the way. The one piece bathing suits are what I have worn for many years. Thanks for sharing this awesome suit.

  13. Body goals! Love the pretty, tropical colours!

  14. Love this! I’ve been toying with the idea of going towards single-pieces… My only challenge is the ugly tan lines I’ll get from it.

    1. Ohhh girl I say go for it!

  15. Comfort

    You rock that swimming suit on you. I love the suit, the bright color and the shape that is meant for you alone. Love it girl friend. God bless you Oyin. Amen.

  16. I absolutely love the colors in the skating seat. I think bright colors belong on bathing suit. You rock it and it matches great with your hair.

  17. What a gorgeous, brightly colored bathing suit. It looks awesome against your skin and matches your hair beautifully.

  18. I love this suit! So cute. Did you have trouble keeping it up? That’s my biggest worry with strapless suits. And I usually wear bikinis, but I find myself starting to hunt for cute one pieces now!

    1. No not at all! It stayed up perfectly fine. Much better than my other bikinis.

  19. This is the prettiest one piece! Love the bright colors in it. You look great!

  20. candy

    In my younger days it was always a bikini. Now that I am much older a suit that gives support and covers up more is needed. The colors of this swimsuit are beautiful and really like the way they run together.

    1. Thank you. A suit is definitely much more comfy.

  21. That swimsuit is SO pretty I am loving all the colors and it totally compliments your gorgeous hair! You have such a lovely figure too!

    1. Thank you so much!!!

  22. Loving this suit on you. I’m definitely a tankini lover. It’s the freedom of a 2-piece with the coverage I like. I’ve seen so many fab styles and may be in the market for a new swimsuit for our upcoming family vacation.

    1. Oh awesome!I hope you find one you love!

  23. Let’s just get one thing straight–I think your hair is absolutely fabulous 😉 And I love that you chose a suit that complements those gorgeous locks! The suit looks fantastic on you, btw. Hope you have a great vacation 🙂

    1. Awww thank you soooo much! I appreciate it!

  24. Jennifer Van Huss

    What a great looking bathing suit! It looks fabulous on you and compliments your body!! The colours are out of this world!

  25. I am a sucker for anything floral. That suit looks fantastic on you!

    1. Me too!! Thank you!!!

  26. Claudia Krusch

    I love the colors in this suit. The floral print is right on trend for this year.

  27. love the color and print on that suit! it’s vibrant and pretty, good find! : )

  28. What a gorgeous one piece swimsuit! I need a new one too, thanks for the inspiration!

    1. You welcome. Thank you!

  29. You look AMAZING! I love that swimsuit. So pretty and flattering.

  30. I think this is awesome! It’s really lovely and perfect for the summer! The style is really nice and overall, I’d get this for myself. I like the way it fits too!

  31. rika

    That’s a beautiful bathing suit! Love the vibrant colors! Your hair look amazing too!

  32. Gosh! Obsessed with that swimsuit already. Also your hair!!!! You look amazing.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  33. I love how flattering it is on you! Very good choice.

  34. Victoria Heckstall

    Your suit is really perfect this summer. I wish I could also find a unique and pretty suit like yours.

    1. Aww thanks! I listed some floral ones at the bottom.

  35. Karlyn Cruz

    Your suit is so vibrant and looks comfy. We are planning to go to the beach this weekend and I’m also looking for a suit.

    1. Perfect! I hope you find what you’re looking for.

  36. That is a very pretty bathing suit. I love the bright colors, and now I am reminded that I need to do the dreaded swimsuit shopping.

    1. Lol it doesn’t need to be dreaded. Have fun with it by picking what’s flattering for your body type.

  37. Those bright colors look amazing on you! And what a flattering suit 🙂

  38. Oh you look very pretty with that bathing suit. Looking for a suit this summer vacation. Got to go in beach. 🙂

    1. Yess! The beach is imperative!

  39. Kathy

    That is a very beautiful swim suit. It looks great on you too! I need to get myself a new swim suit this week. I also have to say that I just love your hair!!

    1. Thank you sooo much!

  40. uprunforlife

    This is a cute swimsuit. I haven’t tried wearing one that didn’t have straps to keep it up. I usually wear a tanki or a one piece swimsuit.

    1. This swimsuit actually stays up! I had no issues with it.

  41. I love the bright floral pattern on that bathing suit! I’m personally afraid to wear a bathing suit with no straps. Worried it will fall off. Ha ha!

  42. Adaleta

    What a gorgeous bathing suit! I love the colours

  43. Omg your hair is gorgeous! The suit is cute too!

  44. That is such a pretty bathing suit. So colorful too! Looks good on you!

  45. That is a super cute bathing suit! I love the colors, but I’d be afraid of it falling down.

    1. I had no problem with this one. Didn’t fall down at all.

  46. such a fabulous bathing suit, love the colors!

  47. I’m honestly not much of a swimmer, but I do love this bathing suit. The colors are so fun and vibrant!

  48. That is an awesome suit! i love how it matches your hair!

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