How I Style | Floral Plunging Neckline

Happy Friday! This summer is all about the off the shoulder tops, printed pieces and the plunging neckline. All 3 styles that I have always loved. There is truly nothing like a great floral attire. Because it’s one of my favorite prints, I can wear floral pretty much everyday without getting tired of it. When I decided to have a night on the town for my friend’s birthday, I knew this dress would be perfect. It’s fun, flirty and great for any modern day woman. When I purchased this dress, I thought…

Brown Suede For Summer

While some may stick to sheer fabrics and cotton for the summer, I like to play with suede. Although I’ve neglected this brown suede vest for several years, I decided to begin implementing it into my looks. I know not many would wear a suede vest during the summer but I absolutely love it (how can you not?!). I’ve also grown to love wearing brown! The weird thing is I never liked wearing brown during grade school because of the way it blended with my skin tone. As I grew up, I…

NYFW FW16 Day 8 | DexterDexterDexter | Laurel Dewitt

On the final day of NYFW, I began indulging in festivities during the late afternoon as I viewed the DexterDexterDexter show as well as the Laurel Dewitt collection. DexterDexterDexter men’s show was filled with furs while their women’s show incorporated other fabrics while still being reminiscent of the men’s collection. As much as I love colors, I

NYFW FW16 Day 4 | Yet Another Poncho

During the winter, the warmer it is, the more you are able to play with different pieces to create a fab look. Ponchos can support warmth (ponchos made of wool/heavy fabric) or just be worn for style purposes (ponchos made of thinner fabric). With a poncho, you are

Florals In The Fall

Who would have ever thought that by mid December, we wouldn’t have experienced snow already but end up luxuriating in 64 degree weather in NYC. Although I’m glad that it is warm, it’s a little scary for what it means for the environment, nonetheless, I always embrace warm weather as Spring is my favorite season. It is very important to take advantage of the few warm days that we have until winter. We have one more week till winter so lets make it count! I choose to embrace this shocking warmth of…