NYFW FW16 Day 4 | Yet Another Poncho

During the winter, the warmer it is, the more you are able to play with different pieces to create a fab look. Ponchos can support warmth (ponchos made of wool/heavy fabric) or just be worn for style purposes (ponchos made of thinner fabric). With a poncho, you are

NYFW FW16 Day 1 Part 2 | Go Red For Women

I always love supporting a cause and last night’s festivities warmed my heart. I’m so glad that I was able to attend the Go Red For Women Red Dress Collection 2016 which was presented by Go Red For Women, American Heart Association and Macy’s.  The show featured 23 celebrities who were paired up with top designers who created their red dress. Some of the stars included Misty Copeland, Fran Drescher, Monica and Vanna White. Each of the 23 women looked ravishing as they walked in

NYFWM Day 2 | Wood House | Carlos Campos | Brett Johnson

Here we are again at yet another New York Fashion Week season. Back to daily fabulousity. Back to viewing whats to come for the Fall and Winter and being surrounded by inspiration constantly. Last but not least, back to

Happy New Year || Sequins and Fringes

Hi guys! Happy New Year!! I feel very refreshed now that the new year has begun. It is truly time for higher heights and I’m excited for what this year will bring. If you’re not new to my blog, then you already know that I am a sequins lover. Sequins completes a look in such a beautiful way. To bring in the new year, most people opt for a sequins piece to compliment their look or sometimes become the whole look. To be completely honest,

What I Wore | Scott Campbell Whole Glory Closing Reception

What if you had the opportunity to get a tattoo by one of your favorite artists for free? Of course you wouldn’t think twice about getting the tattoo. If the artist said he/she would like to place a mystery tattoo on your body, would you still do it? That is exactly what happened as Scott Campbell gave several people tattoos where he saw no faces and only their arm as it was placed through the wall for him to allow his creative juices to flow. I’m not really big on tattoos…

Sweater Weather | Purple Sweater Dress

What I love most about sweater weather is the idea that we have officially been given permission to switch things up a bit. Many have been expressing their excitement for the fall. It may be due to the fall representing the transitional period between summer and winter. During the fall, it is not too cold neither is it too hot. It’s warm enough to wear an open toe shoe, yet