When Fall Feels Like Spring | Comfy Bright Green Pants

I’m in my element wearing the colors I love. Doesn’t hurt that the weather has been cooperative providing us with 80 degree weather during mid october. As scary as the unusual warmth might be (global warming), I hope the weather remains feeling this lovely at least until my birthday! Lets be honest. Whether the weather is in the 60s or 80s,  I would still wear these bright green pants. You know I

Wrap Skirt & Bodysuit | NYFW SS17 Day 4

I opted for a wrap skirt yesterday because I’ve had this skirt for a few months and I finally felt like it was the right time to throw it on.  I paired the skirt with a yellow bodysuit that I couldn’t wait to wear especially because I don’t wear bodysuits often. Yellow and orange are always a great mix as they compliment each other very well. On Day 4, I viewed the

Enjoy Summer | Blue Button Down + Yellow Printed Shorts

Despite the upcoming fall season, I choose to still dress in my usual bright attire. I’m noticing that many are already trying to incorporate fall attire into their summer looks. Fall fashion is super fab but I don’t believe in rushing the season. We still have 3 more weeks of summer and I choose to enjoy it by looking as summery as possible. Although I wear bright colors all year round anyway, there’s nothing like dressing like this and basking in the beautiful hot sun. Its important to plan for the…

Wedding Guest | Self Made Ankara Dress

When planning what to wear to this wedding, I originally wanted to wear an evening gown so I bought quite a few gowns to choose from. For some reason, its always hard for me to get dressed for an American wedding. I always feel like I’m supposed to tone myself down as some get offended by those that may be considered overdressed (so I was told). I usually get dressed carelessly without any care in the world for what others may think of me, but as a wedding guest, I…

Spring Came Early | Stepford Chic

Spring came early and I love it!!! I love the warm air and the slight chilly breeze. With Spring being my favorite season,  I am able to wear all the pieces that I love most. Spring attire is the best attire (most probably disagree). The spring style is bright and chic. Its the season that I relate to the most therefore I am so grateful that spring came early this year and I hope this warmth lingers until summer begins without reverting back to winter. I’ve been wearing