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Chic and Comfy Slides Befitting Style Befitting Steals

Besides wearing slides in order to get by the TSA quicker, they also serve a greater purpose as they can come in handy throughout your whole trip (and summer lounging). For the really lazy days where you barely even want to put on a shoe (borderline considering walking bare feet), slides are a perfect way to still keep it chic. I usually opt for the slide that has a bit of character to it which tends to include

Enjoy Summer | Blue Button Down + Yellow Printed Shorts

Despite the upcoming fall season, I choose to still dress in my usual bright attire. I’m noticing that many are already trying to incorporate fall attire into their summer looks. Fall fashion is super fab but I don’t believe in rushing the season. We still have 3 more weeks of summer and I choose to enjoy it by looking as summery as possible. Although I wear bright colors all year round anyway, there’s nothing like dressing like this and basking in the beautiful hot sun. Its important to plan for the…

How I Style | A- Line Skirt

Summer is on the way and theres nothing like a short black and blue A-line skirt to commemorate the season. I don’t wear dark colors often so when I do, you know it has to be worn right.  Although I’m not that fond of the color blue, I tend to wear  quite a bit of blue due to the way it compliments my dark skin tone. I believe that despite one’s personal favorite colors, being open minded to the colors that compliments the skin tone can not only help you understand…