How To Color Block During Winter | Dare To Mix

Some dare to mix while others play it safe by keeping things monochromatic or neutral. Although I’m a lover of mixing things up, I don’t think I’ve mixed maroon and blue quite often, yet this combination can easily be a staple for many to wear throughout the cooler months. Maroon is such a beautiful color so I’m sure it’s hard to resist (especially during the fall) and pairing it with

Fall Off The Shoulder Blue And White Stripes

We’re two weeks into fall and the weather changed drastically. I’m used to summer easing its way out as fall creeps in, but this time, fall refused to wait as it was ready to play. Going from 90 degrees on one day to 60 degrees the following day can surely take a toll on the body and greatly influence the change of style. Fall influenced me to wear

Happy Easter! |3 Ways To Wear A Trench Jacket

For some, easter marks the day Jesus rose again, for others easter is just the confirmation needed to welcome the spring season. Because Jesus rose again during the spring, today personally marks both occasions for me. As  winter came to term, I wondered if the unusual warm weather would result in spring being cooler than expected. Today’s weather proves that my prediction was correct. It’s not cold but it’s not exactly the typical warm spring day so I paired a trench with my striped shirt dress. There are 3 common ways…