Monochrome Taupe | Mini Skirt +Faux Wrap Top

Hello beautiful people! I hope your first couple of weeks of the year have truly been a blessing. I’ve been taking a lot of time to myself and working on different things (hence the gap in blog posts), nonetheless I’m back and in full effect! To begin discussing the look that I’m sharing with you today, I’m going to try my hardest not to go too in depth about How much I love to monochrome. When I wore this monochrome taupe look, getting dressed was

NYFW FW16 Day 4 | Yet Another Poncho

During the winter, the warmer it is, the more you are able to play with different pieces to create a fab look. Ponchos can support warmth (ponchos made of wool/heavy fabric) or just be worn for style purposes (ponchos made of thinner fabric). With a poncho, you are

NYFWM Day 4 | Kenneth Ning | Theory | DexterDexterDexter

NYFW: Men’s has come to term. The final day didn’t feel as busy as the other days. Even the guests at Skylight seemed to dwindle as some may have been winding down from the madness of the last few days. I was able to view