Blanket Poncho

We are in the midst of the cold winter days. The days when layering is absolutely necessary for most to stay warm. As fall fashion is fun because you get to enjoy 65 degree weather which grants you versatile  opportunities such as choosing between wearing long sleeve or  short sleeve ,  sweaters or jackets, winter does not offer those luxuries. During the winter, most people have to wear  jackets and coats. If you live in the north east region of America, a jacket/coat is a must as the weather may sometimes…

How I Wear Layers In The Summer

Summertime calls for skin, skin, and more skin! So you may wonder how on earth can I possibly wear layers in this heat? As everyone is showing different ways to show skin, here I am presenting you with a post about layers in the summer. You probably think I’m crazy but bare with me. There is a definite way to wear layers in the summer without feeling hotter than usual.