4 Ways To Dress For Your Fall Birthday

Birthdays are extra special and  you deserve to dress like the Queen that you are on your birthday. Sometimes it can be stressful to think of what to wear. You don’t want to look like its just any other day so it’s imperative that you amp it up a bit by opting for a look that you may not normally wear. Because my birthday is tomorrow, it’s only right that I share a few ideas of what you can wear for your birthday if you’re a fall baby like me.

How To Wear A Duster This Weekend

I’m all about the dramatics so dusters are right up my alley. I love the way it moves with the wind and because its not too cold yet, theres no need to bring out the super thick dusters quite yet (we’ll save the wool for the winter). Satin and thin cottons work just fine. Pairing a plain look with a duster tends to add a bit of umph and pairing a duster with a fully glam look perfectly compliments it. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Fall Prepping | 3 Ways To Wear Bombers & Pleated Skirts

Fall is very near and I can almost feel it in the air. As the weather is still relatively warm, it is important to begin prepping for fall. Since we’ve been on the topic of the bomber jacket this week, its only right that I end the week with a few bomber looks. I love pairing bombers with skirts so today we’re going to focus on one of my favorites – the pleated skirt. There are quite a few high end items in these looks so I was sure to also…

4 Ways To Wear Off The Shoulder Dresses

I absolutely love the off the shoulder look! Its easy, fun and flattering for most body types. Since I’ve worn this style quite a few times this summer, its only right that I show you a few other ways to slay in an off the shoulder dress. The first look is one of my favorite prints. How can you resist floral?! I know I can’t! Because I mix prints most of the time, I was instantly drawn to this stripe and floral off the shoulder body con dress. Keeping it…

8 Ways To Slay As A Wedding Guest This Summer

It’s wedding season! As you get excited for loved ones to tie the knot, the next thought is figuring out what to wear to the wedding. I was raised in a culture where weddings are extremely important and slaying as a wedding guest is imperative. Sometimes it gets a bit difficult figuring out what to wear. As we are well into wedding season, I have created a small guide for those who may need a bit more style ideas for the occasion. If the bride gets to visit the best…