Floral & Stripes | Spring & Summer Staples

Mixing floral and stripes feeds my love for mixing prints. When I’m not color blocking, I’m either monochroming or mixing prints. They’re usually my default, therefore being what I naturally gravitate to do. Mixing the old with the new is always interesting as you get the opportunity to go down memory lane about the way you previously styled a piece in comparison to the way you style it today. This top is

How I Style | A- Line Skirt

Summer is on the way and theres nothing like a short black and blue A-line skirt to commemorate the season. I don’t wear dark colors often so when I do, you know it has to be worn right.  Although I’m not that fond of the color blue, I tend to wear  quite a bit of blue due to the way it compliments my dark skin tone. I believe that despite one’s personal favorite colors, being open minded to the colors that compliments the skin tone can not only help you understand…

Happy New Year || Sequins and Fringes

Hi guys! Happy New Year!! I feel very refreshed now that the new year has begun. It is truly time for higher heights and I’m excited for what this year will bring. If you’re not new to my blog, then you already know that I am a sequins lover. Sequins completes a look in such a beautiful way. To bring in the new year, most people opt for a sequins piece to compliment their look or sometimes become the whole look. To be completely honest,

How I Wear Layers In The Summer

Summertime calls for skin, skin, and more skin! So you may wonder how on earth can I possibly wear layers in this heat? As everyone is showing different ways to show skin, here I am presenting you with a post about layers in the summer. You probably think I’m crazy but bare with me. There is a definite way to wear layers in the summer without feeling hotter than usual.