Sweater Weather | Maroon Stripe Sweater Dress

So I know I go on and on about wearing bright colors throughout the year but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate darker colors such as maroon. I love maroon because of the way it contrasts with my skin tone. Its a darker red that can be mistaken for a brown thats darker than my skin tone. Although I also love wearing nude tones, sometimes I like to take it a little darker so I opted for a maroon stripe sweater dress.




Sweater dresses are one of my faves to wear during cooler months. They’re comfortable and like any other dress, makes it easier to get dressed (one and done).




For some, a short sleeve sweater dress isn’t practical. For me its just right.





I accessorized with a maroon Calvin Klein cross body bag which I wore as a clutch.


These shoes are an oldie but goodie as I’ve had them for about 4 years. One would think that the mesh material may lead me to wear it during the spring or summer but for some reason, I only pull these out during the fall.



I have been loving tassel earrings for so long now and I think its an accessory for every girl! Tassel earrings instantly takes the look to another level.






Have you been wearing sweater dresses lately?

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18 Thoughts to “Sweater Weather | Maroon Stripe Sweater Dress”

  1. That is a nice sweater, for some people it is still bold. I have to wear a long sleeve sweater on it to be comfortable in this weather that turn to winter instead of autumn (fall). I thank God for your life because any dress that you wear is always a winner. God bless you with a beautiful shape. God bless you Oyin. Amen.

  2. The cut and color of this piece is so flattering on you. It fits you as if it were made for you- how lovely! I’m not ready for such a gorgeous piece yet, but it’s in my future for sure.

  3. That whole outfit was beautifully put together and those shoes! Ooh! I loved the whole ensemble!

  4. Ol

    Nice striped dress. I never would have thought of pairing it with those shoes but it totally works! I LOVE the tassel earrings too – although I might be more inclined to use them to decorate something in my house. LOL! I can’t help it. I sleep, eat, and drink home decor.

    1. I love home decor as well!!! Yes tassels look great on drapes!

  5. I’m not a sweater dress kind of girl but I LOVE anything with tassels!! (You look great in that dress btw).

  6. Maroon is made for you! It highlights your complexion so well, wow! The earrings you paired with this outfit are absolutely spectacular as well.

  7. You look gorgeous! I’ve aways been a fan of stripes. That purse is really pretty too. Great colors all around!

  8. Beautiful! I love the clutch also!

  9. You look amazing in that dress! It fits you SO well! Plus the colors look great! I’m more of a neutral colors gal myself.

  10. This is super cute! You are beautiful. I don’t have many stripes in my closet but I have a TON of maroon (Carolina Gamecock over here). I love the clutch and earrings as well.

  11. I love this dress. It’s really the perfect piece to dress up or dress down. Also–those heels are gorgeous!

    1. Yes very easy to dress up & down!
      Thank you!

  12. Loving this look especially the unexpected colors in the purse and shoes!

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