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As I pulled up to Suit Supply, I saw a random group of  men dressed in suits riding around on their bikes.  Amongst other things, New York is known as one of the most reckless places to drive in (especially Manhattan). The fast paced lifestyle breeds impatience in most of us, yet the traffic caused  by these men didn’t seem to bother anyone. I was waiting for the moment someone would blow their horn, yet no one seemed bothered. Fashion is a great way to hold my attention. The only time I’m bothered by fashion is when it’s offensive and this occasion was far from it. I was able to capture the men on my snapchat (@queenoyinkan). Later on, I was informed that these men were the models for the Suit Supply presentation. Perfect!

Suit Supply SS17 6

As expected, the suits were awesome! Suit Supply is known for their impeccable effortlessly chic style. I’ve always loved preppy looks so this was one for me to be excited about.

Suit Supply SS17 5

There were solid color suits as well as variations of gingham.

Suit Supply SS17 4

Inspired by Bauhaus, a German school of design, Suit Supply was sure to provide pieces that not only look good, but feel good. A lot of the suits are made of linen to keep cool during the warmer months and some pieces are blended with cotton, silk and cashmere.

Suit Supply SS17 1

With practicality being the main motive for this line, the Traveller collection has been updated and includes suits and shirts that are comfortable to travel in.

I spoke about the collection for a bit with the VP of Suit Supply, Nish De Gruiter.


Whether your’e riding a bike or traveling around the world, you’ll be sure to stop traffic dressed in Suit Supply.

Shop the current collection at

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What do you think of the collection?

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