Stripe Dress | NYFW FW18

There’s always an excuse to wear your favorite things and NYFW is a time to do just that. My favorite prints include stripes of all sizes! I love it! A striped dress that infuses my favorite color (pink) is always a keeper so for Day 7 of NYFW,  I checked out Chiara Boni la Petite Robe’s FW18 collection and had high expectations as she never disappoints!

This bandage situation occurred a few days ago and I’ve been dressing around it, wearing clothes to cover it up in order to avoid getting asked what happened and me explaining the story too many times. This was a day that I couldn’t cover it up as this dress sits right above the knees so I had to embrace it.

This week has been so hectic I feel like I ran to every show.

I paired this pink and blue stripe dress with a pink turtleneck underneath. So many favorites took place in this look as layering up is one of my favorite things to do.

Layered necklaces are always a must!

Baby pink shoes felt just right for this look. This shoe is definitely my current favorite of my pink shoes.


What are some of your favorite prints?

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15 Thoughts to “Stripe Dress | NYFW FW18”

  1. I normally would never buy any thing striped (it doesn’t look good on me), but you totally rock this dress! I love the colors of it too, it is so springy!

  2. This is so stylish! I love the way you paired everything and the layers of jewelry! So gorgeous!

  3. Hardly ever do I love the entire outfit a blogger posts, but this one is an exception. I love love love everything you chose here.

  4. Oh my goodness how beautiful is that stripped dress! You are absolutely rocking it as well! Love it!

  5. Ada

    Oh I love the stripes! The navy and pink is so pretty.

  6. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    Oh, You looks so gorgeous in your dress. Love the pink color of it and your necklace is perfect for your outfit.

  7. Oh! That dress is just adorable – and it really pops with that turtleneck! Bonus – you can wear it with short sleeves (or none at all) in the spring and summer.

  8. Oh gorgeous! I love that shade of pink. The necklace and shoes are a perfect match.

  9. Ruthie Ridley

    Such a killer look!! Love the pink and blue combo!!

  10. TColeman

    This dress is so very cute! You don’t see this color combo very often and I love it.

  11. I am in love with this entire outfit! So gorgeous! And your shoes are to die for!

  12. Love that dress. Looks absolutely stunning on you!!

  13. Ruth I.

    Pink looks good on you! You are gorgeous and rockin your outfit!

  14. You pull this off where a lot of us wouldn’t be able to. The shoes are adorable.

  15. Looking good girl, you pull this off where a lot of us wouldn’t be able to. The shoes are adorable.

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