Can We Still Wear Bandeaus + Short Skirts?

Happy September! At this point, many are yearning for jackets, blazers, sweaters and beyond! I’m still loving a good 2 piece set (or creating one by monochroming). Some may wonder if we can still wear bandeaus and short skirts and the answer is yes! Its not cold yet. Although our air conditioning is not at an all-time high anymore, the weather is at such a perfect temperature that whether we go for a bandeau or a long sleeve top, the body still feels just right.

I paired an orange skirt with a mauve toned bandeau. I’m really unsure of what to call this hue but it reminds me of mauve so mauve it is. Feeling like I’m giving an illusion of monochrome because these 2 pieces aren’t really the same color but they go so well together.

Pink shoes are a no brainer! I may have to retire these shoes soon ( I wear them too much lol) so I figured why not wear it while I can.


Are you still opting for 2 piece sets or starting fall early and keeping it cozy with sweaters?

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