Stepping Out in Yellow High Waist Wide Culottes

I stepped out in these yellow high waist wide culottes! I finally stepped out (for real for real) for the first time after being in quarantine since mid-march. I’m not open to going out as much as I used to but its definitely refreshing to see people I love after not seeing most of my loved ones for so long. I’ve been loving wearing yellow a lot lately and this look is no exception.

Its always been important for me to keep it bright regardless of how I feel. If I don’t feel as happy, I wear bright colors to brighten my spirit. When I’m my usual happy self, I wear bright colors to reflect my joy. Wearing bright colors will always be huge part of my style and its never subject to the seasons as I wear bright colors all year round.

I instantly fell in love with these yellow culottes while shopping at Saks last year. Although its perfectly loose and fits my waist precisely, these pants do not accentuate my figure. I love them anyway!

Pairing these pants with a black and white stripe crop top provided the perfect contrast! I love to contrast!

I felt that the heels needed to be kept minimal so these gray clear strap heel was perfection.

The black lace is actually a coverup for swimwear but I’ve never worn it with a bikini. I always wear it with regular clothes. I need to pick up more coverups to pair with my looks. The long ones always appeal to me.

Its only right that I chat about the straw hat as well! My love for straw hats thickened last summer so I’m super excited to wear straw hats as much as possible this summer!

I’m still skeptical about hanging out with friends but I guess doing so in moderation provides a great balance.


Are you stepping outside in culottes?

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