Spring Layers | Stripe Jumpsuit + Exaggerated Sleeve Off The Shoulder Top

One of my favorite components of style is layering up. Layers aren’t just for the fall and winter. Spring layers are my favorite as well as summer layers. We have 6 days till Spring and I’m so excited to spend the next few days talking about the different ways you can prep your style for spring.

Off the Shoulder tops have been in style for many years but within the last 2 years, they’ve been everywhere as people started noticing that shoulders are the new cleavage and I love it! I paired a white off the shoulder exaggerated long sleeve top with a blue and white striped jumpsuit.

Spring Layers | Stripe Jumpsuit + Exaggerated Sleeve Off The Shoulder Top

Jumpsuits are the key to my heart so when I first laid my eyes on this striped beauty, I knew I had to have it. Because I’m always here for the dramatics, the exaggerated sleeves on the off the shoulder top was exactly what I needed. Sometimes I can be so matchy-matchy and this was one of those days. I wrapped a blue and white Ankara on my head to go with the jumpsuit.

I tried the new Nars Foundation and didn’t wear many accessories but 2 necklaces, and tassel earrings. I can’t get enough of tassel earrings!

This red Kate Spade bag used to be my go-to red clutch because it’s simple and easy to pair with anything that needs a touch of red. I think I may start bringing it out more often.


Do you wear spring layers?

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2 Thoughts to “Spring Layers | Stripe Jumpsuit + Exaggerated Sleeve Off The Shoulder Top”

  1. I’m actually applauding loudly at this post because you layer and mix and match like a freaking boss! Seriously, my own fashion game is not on this level and I applaud you. I especially love the flair with the off the shoulder bell sleeved top with the jumpsuit and then that blue headwrap! I just love it, and it just shouts spring to me!

    1. Awwww thank you so very much! I really appreciate it!

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