Slide Through TSA With These Looks This Summer

Besides turning nights into mornings, summer ignites a vacation itch that can only be scratched by lounging poolside with views including palm trees and white sand beaches. Before arriving in paradise one must first go through the uncomforting TSA. Because there’s a high chance of having to remove your shoes to go through the metal detectors, slides are the perfect shoes to slide into when en route. They’re comfortable, chic and comes right off for check up and easily slips right back on before you race to your gate. A lot of times the delay is caused by constantly being checked for not dressing appropriately.  Of course, you can wear whatever you want, but in order to avoid spending extra time at security, here are a few looks you can slide into that are TSA friendly for your summer travels.

If you’re not new to Befitting Style then you already know my love for jumpsuits (and every other one piece apparel) so if you don’t like wearing too many clothes and yearn to get dressed for the airport quicker,  it’s only right that you pair your slides with a jumpsuit while traveling.

Slide Through TSA With These Looks This Summer 3-Befitting Style


If you like wearing little to no clothes, pair your slides with high waist shorts and a crop top.

Slide Through TSA With These Looks This Summer 2-Befitting Style


Culottes are super comfortable as the wide legs create less restriction than regular pants. Ignite your tropical vibes with floral slides and mix it up with a cropped collared stripe top.

Slide Through TSA With These Looks This Summer 1-Befitting Style


How do you slide through the TSA?

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71 Thoughts to “Slide Through TSA With These Looks This Summer”

  1. Comfort Ayoade

    All this pieces are beautiful. What a way to go to the airport. The TSA can be a pain in the neck if you dress as if you are hidden something in your body, remember they are there to do their job. I love the sleepers most. Summer here I come. Thank you Oyin, God will definitely bless you. Amen.

  2. I love that you came up with so many looks! Now you can go trough TSA in style!

  3. I find the blue and white outfit interesting. I would wear that. What fun:-)

  4. I love that look! That floral print dress is the best! It’s so pretty!

  5. That jumpsuit looks so comfortable! I could totally see myself wearing it with a pair of sandals and a leather clutch and calling it an outfit right there.

  6. What a smart post! Seriously I always think of what I am wearing and how easy it is to get through TSA when traveling! Having to take off some shoes, belts, etc can be a pain in the rear! LOVE your styling choices and the ease of travel with them! Great calls!

    1. Glad you love them Joely!!

  7. Ahhhh I love these looks! I[m SO into florals and fun summer dresses right now! I can definitely see myself in several of these outfits!

    1. Florals will always be one of my faves.

  8. Claudia Krusch

    These are great travel outfits. I need to pick up a few pieces to add to my summer wardrobe.

  9. I love all the outfits. All were perfectly matched and they look very comfortable.

  10. Oh i love all the looks especially the first pic and second pic. Perfect for summer party!

    1. Lol from the party straight to the airport!

  11. Oh i love all of this outfit! Very elegant! I would love to wear this summer vacation.

  12. These looks are GORGEOUS! I seriously love all of them! Tuscan be such hassle, I’m all about an easy look!

  13. I am headed out next weekend and I have my sandals ready! I find it annoying when people take so long because they wear difficult shoes at TSA.

    1. LOL it’s great to keep it easy when travelling.

  14. Kathy

    I really love these looks. I love the very last look the most. The skirt is so pretty.

  15. I am loving these outfit choices! Stylish and comfy, you can’t really go wrong with any of these!

  16. I love the jumpsuit from the second look! So crazy about jumpsuit! They are so elegant yet so casual! xx corinne

  17. I love summer and the clothes that come with it! These are some great outfit choices.

    1. So do I. Thanks girl!

  18. colleen wool

    I love all of these looks. Especially the blue and white one!

  19. Airport security is no fun. Outside of the US, a lot of countries don’t make you remove your shoes. I’m always so relieved. Slip on shoes make perfect sense.

    1. Oh wow I didn’t know that. It’s definitely less of a hassle.

  20. You have great taste on style! Thank you for sharing, you have given me some great summer outfit ideas!

  21. A great selection of good looking and practical clothing and accessories for travel. It’s a really good idea to give this some thought before you leave home so as to breeze through security while looking fashionable at the same time!

  22. E H

    I am really impressed with the golden shoes you are showing! I love to wear gold in the summer, and these would be so perfect to add to my accessories!

    1. Great!!! Glad you like it!

  23. Rosey

    I could use some new sunnies. Mine are nice but I’d like something fresh and updated.

    1. Yess new sunnies are a must! I just bought a bunch for this summer. So excited!

  24. We are going to be really great blogging buddies! Love your style! I’d wear the jumpsuit & the culottes simply because I’m so cold natured. Love all the outfits however!

    1. Thanks girl! Glad you love it!!!

  25. Victoria heckstall

    They are all glamorous! The pastel crossbody is looks classy. I like the color as well. I’ll get into this! ?

  26. You’re right, dressing appropriately for the TSA is a must to avoid delay. I got me a pair of slip-on sneakers for our upcoming long trip. Those slides would be great to wear too.

    1. Yes! Any type of slip on shoe is perfect for traveling. I would even opt for a slip on heel lol!

  27. That skirt though!!! Love it! Florals are a huge style trend this year! I’m loving all the bright colors too!

  28. The second look is my favorite! I love the bow shorts!

    Amanda ||

    1. Glad you love it! Thanks girl!

  29. This is such a funny idea for a post-but you know what? It’s true. I recently was at the airport needing to get through TSA with two toddlers-and needing to get through FAST because a bunch of stuff had happened and we’d ended up arriving just as our plane was boarding!-and I’m sure glad I was wearing slippers.

    1. LOL! Yes girl! Every minute counts when en route! Missing a flight is the worst! So glad you caught it!

  30. These do look like beautiful outfits. I think both the jumpsuit and the high waist shorts with crop top would look very beautiful together.

  31. These are some super cute looks of sliding through TSA. I love how easy the shoes would be to take off too!

  32. These are definitely TSA friendly! It’s funny because I consciously travel in outfits that are very similar to the ones shown here. You gave me some ideas of how to modify a few of my existing outfits!

    1. Awesome! Great minds think alike!

  33. I love all of these looks. You did your thing here, girl! I would wear all of these. Definitely, need comfy chic clothing for the airport.

  34. Elizabeth O

    I love slides and your selection is impeccable. I’m ready for my summer now!

  35. misty nelson dawn

    These are all looks great and I really love that outfit! Glad that you share this with us

  36. Not only are these looks super trendy, they are unique and so smart for travel! You have a great sense of style!

  37. Allison

    Love these outfit ideas – especially that floral skirt!

    1. I can’t ever get enough of florals. Glad you love it!

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