Slay Through The School Year | Back To School | Monday – Friday

Befitting Style Slay Through The School Year | Back To School | Monday - Friday

Although it feels like summer just started because it came and is leaving so soon 🙁 , it’s time to step your style game up as you head back to school. The new school year is right around the corner so it’s important to slay through the school year. As many like to rock out in flats while some others sway through the halls in heels, I’ve placed a heel and flat shoe option in each look so it can still be wearable for any girl. With smaller and much more stylish backpacks replacing the huge bulky bookbags of the past, it’s hard not to slay Monday through Friday.

Olive and variations of brown are such fall favorites. For Monday, pair a crop top with this breathable pants and go for a laced up open toe bootie or a brown printed flat.

Befitting Style Slay Through The School Year | Back To School | Monday - Friday


Denim pants are such an easy go-to for students so why not take it up a notch on Tuesday by monochroming throughout your day. Channel your inner boho vibes with these punjabi denim trousers or keep it simpler with skinny jeans. Pair those jeans with a denim jacket. Wear it off the shoulder and throw on a neutral block heel.

Befitting Style Slay Through The School Year | Back To School | Monday - Friday


A little lace never hurts anyone (yes even in school). Go for a lace trimmed black long-sleeve bodysuit for a more chill kind of Wednesday and add a little pizazz by accessorizing with a metallic bag and oxfords. Slay further by pairing it with neutral color blocked heels.

Befitting Style Slay Through The School Year | Back To School | Monday - Friday


Just because fall is approaching doesn’t mean you have to let go of your peachy tones. Pair a peachy camisole with a comfy high waist draw string pant. It’s Friday eve ( otherwise known as Thursday) so add some color by throwing on a bright bomber jacket.

Befitting Style Slay Through The School Year | Back To School | Monday - Friday


By Friday, crank up your look with a denim jumpsuit. It’s the perfect balance between dressy and chill. Keep the bomber jacket on for classes and wear it right off the shoulder once school lets out.

Befitting Style Slay Through The School Year | Back To School | Monday - Friday


Which is your favorite?

Let me know what you plan on wearing as you head back to school and if you’re already out of school, what was your style as a student?

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100 Thoughts to “Slay Through The School Year | Back To School | Monday – Friday”

  1. robin rue

    Those are all really cute looks. I generally always look the same, but should totally change it up once and a while.

    1. Yeah it’s always great to change things up! 🙂

  2. Comfort Ayoade

    Oh whao. It is a lot to swallow. All the combinations are beautiful. I love couple of shoes, the jumpsuits are fantastic. Just look at those back packs— love them all. This is not only for back to school, I can wear them to work too. Thanks Oyin, God bless you. Amen

    1. Glad you love it. Most of these looks can be worn to jobs with a casual dress code as well as hanging out with friends.

  3. I love, love, love that denim jumpsuit Oyinkan. Where’s it from? And that off the shoulder lacy top, such an easy thing to dress up or down and still feel feminine

    1. Thanks glad you love it!

  4. wow! I love your style….you put together such nice combinations of clothing!

  5. Is this for a fashion design school?!? Oh my goodness, I don’t know anyone who went to school like this everyday. More like outfits for work or dates. But the outfits are awesome!

    My Favorite Fall Off-the-Shoulder Tops Under $50

    1. I know many people who went to school like this everyday 🙂 Even High School students dress more like adults than ever nowadays as they tend to opt for plunging necklines and off the shoulder tops just as we adults do.
      I think it’s important to look your best everywhere you go (even school) and yes they would be great for work and dates as well.

  6. Lots of cute combinations. I like the pink pants and shirt the best.

    1. Awesome. Glad you like them.

  7. OMG all the outfits are so great! amazing choices! I wish I could go to work like this! but i am not that sophisticated ahah

  8. These outfits are everything, especially the green pants and the denim overalls.

  9. Those are some super cute looks. Love the complete sets you created. Now only if I could have all of that in my closet.


    1. If only we can all own every single thing that we want lol!

  10. These are such fun and creative looks! I love that brightly coloured patterned bomber jacket, it’s so different and unique

    1. Thank you! The bright bomber is one of my faves!

  11. jin

    Love your back to school outfits! Great combinations and ensembles, all perfect for the Fall season!

  12. These are some totally awesome outfit ideas, I love the denim trousers and jacket from the last look! They could actually work well together.

    1. Thanks! Glad you love it!

  13. I’ve noticed a lot of pleats coming back into fashion as they were in the 1980’s. This is one trend I cannot follow. I like the combination you created for the black lace body suit though!

    1. Girrrrllll I love pleats!! Totally understand. Not everyone is going to like everything.

  14. Nikki G

    What a cute variety. I feel like some items would mix and match very well also.

    1. I totally agree. Thank you!

  15. Afroz

    You have selected amazing collection of outfits. All are so trendy and stylish. My personal favorite is Punjabi denims.

    1. Lovvveee the punjabi denims!!

  16. Another set of fabulous outfits for teachers! I have two good friends who are teachers and would love these styles. Such great fall fashion inspiration.

    1. Thank you! Glad you love the looks.

  17. Wooo I am in love with all the outfits :D…. I am too excited for my friends back to school outfit options.. Il share this post to her 😀

    1. Awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  18. These are some fun looks. I’m all about denim bottoms–only mine are just normal jeans.

    1. Thank you. I totally understand.

  19. I love these outfits! They are adorable! That denim jumpsuit it fierce!

  20. i love Fridays outfit! I might be a tad bit too short for it tho 🙁

    1. Thanks glad you love it! Jumpsuits are always one of my faves.

  21. Claudia Krusch

    These are all fantastic looks for fall. I need to get a pair of punjabi denim trousers. I have a few tops they will look great with.

    1. Yessss! Glad you love it!

  22. You picked some killer looks! I am in love with the tortoise-shell heels, gold backpack, and bomber jacket!

  23. Ophelia T

    I love all these outfits! I want to use these fashion guide for my younger sister’s back to school outfits too. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Awesome. Thanks for stopping by.

  24. My favorite is the denim jumpsuit! I guess I will look fab on that garb…hahaha

  25. Ruth I.

    I like all the style you picked! I think it’s awesome to change few styles and see what will look better.

    1. Yeah definitely switch it around to your own style.

  26. I am so in love with your styling and who can fail to slay through the school year with your tips. It’s awesome that you’ve included flats for those who don’t particularly like heels

    1. Thank you so much girl!

  27. Claire

    I love your style! Totally loving 1,3, and 4!! Something I’d try. I have graduated but I think back to school season is always fun since you can dress up and be yourself!

    1. Yeah it’s always fun and these looks can definitely be worn for other occasions as well 🙂

  28. I absolutely love that Chloe backpack as well as many of these clothing items. But the cost of them is so far out of my range I could never consider any of them. It is nice to dream though.

    1. There are cheaper versions for the expensive items as well that are included.

  29. Oh these are some gorgeous clothes to wear to school. I think my favourite would have to be the denim jumpsuit and velvet sandals they are stunning x

    1. Awesome! Glad you love it.

  30. Sue Tanya McHorgh

    Love love love these outfits. Very nice picks.

  31. LOVE that off the shoulder outfit!!! They are all cute, but that’s my fave.

    1. Awesome! Glad you love it.

  32. What great picks! I really like all these outfits. My favorite has to be the Monday and Tuesday picks. I like to wear casual clothing during my school years long time ago.

    1. Thanks girl! Glad you love it!

  33. So many cute outfits! My daughter would totally rock the denim looks. I tend to wear workout clothes or yoga pants.

    1. The denim jumpsuit is one of my faves as well 🙂

  34. These clothes and bags looks so beautiful! And I love the colors and the great combinations!

  35. So many lovely outfits. Love that olive pants and the lace hem bodysuit. Need all of these in my closet.

  36. This is way dressier than anything I wore in college. ? It’s great that you’ve put several versatile options together & paired accessories & lipstick,

  37. These are all great outfits. I really like those pants in the denim outfit though! I like big, flowy legs.

    1. I love flowy pants as well! 🙂

  38. I think we have a very similar style. I have most of the pieces that you shared or similar, and you gave me a great idea how to combine them.

    1. Awesome! So glad I can help.

  39. Really cute outfits! I’m in love with those denim culottes! You have some really nice styling talent.

    1. Thank you so much girl!

  40. There are some seriously unique items here! So cool!

  41. Oh to be young and thin and to be able to wear many of the outfits that you’ve presented. I do LOVE the bomber jackets. Every one of them. The prints are beautiful! Especially the floral.

  42. Blair villanueva

    Wide legged pants are back on track, which I find them so chic and fabulous. I love your top picks!

    1. Lovveee wide pants. Thanks girl!

  43. You ideas seems good but I am to lazy too implement them

  44. Very creative of you and the bags are really good

  45. kristal

    I am starting school and I need all of these outfits. All the outfits have pieces you can use with other outfits.

  46. steve walters

    All of these outfits look so great! Your eye for style is second to none!

  47. sophie

    WOW! these are some cool outfits! I would love to try em all soon!

  48. Elizabeth O

    Fabulous! Everyone who will try this outfit will surely look so gorgeous and famous in their school. So nice combinations.

    1. Haha! Thanks! Glad you like it

  49. All of these outfits are so cute!! Back to school time is the best time of year to experiment with new clothing and new styles! My favorite was the olive pants and crop top!

    1. Yesss glad you like it.

  50. Everything is fab and stylish but the jumpsuit is my favorite among them all. It is so simple yet classy once aired with the right jacket or coat.

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